1 million vehicles expected for spring!

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Like an air of deja vu… Between March and May 2020, drivers were quick to make an appointment to regularize their cars, creating a real crowd in the technical centers. As a result of the first confinement, the scene is very likely to replay this year.

Waiting until the very last moment to make an appointment, what could be more French? However, if it’s only March, many drivers would do well to set a date with the nearby center to carry out their technical inspection!

The technical control is an examination which must be carried out after four years for a new vehicle and every two years for a used car.

The reason for this phenomenon: the traffic jam created by traditional customers, coming in the months of May, June and July in addition to customers “latecomers”, squeezed by the two-year deadline for the review. The managers of the centers thus expect twice as many customers in just three months.

Two years ago, at the end of the first confinement, the congestion had even prolonged during the summer period when it is normally hollow.

Days of 12 to 13 hours to meet demand?

This year, a peak of one million motorists would be expected in the technical control centers!

The managers of the centers are already preparing for this influx of appointments, planning to work more and drawing a parallel with the consequences of the evolution of the exam in 2018. The technical control had then gone from 123 to 132 control points and about 400 detectable failures to 606. To adapt to this increased demand, garages had sometimes observed working days of 12 to 13 hours (Luc Pollet, in charge of technical control centers in Calvados for ACO Securitest).

However, for drivers frightened by fares or tired of waiting, the ostrich strategy is not the best attitude to adopt. A technical inspection that is no longer valid is above all:

  • 135 € fine;
  • the withdrawal gray card;
  • L’immobilization of the vehicle immediately in some cases;
  • The possibility of car insurance penalties in case of calamity.

Even if you can be granted a temporary traffic card, go at top speed to make an appointment! You will only have seven days to certify that you have indeed had your vehicle checked in one of the 6,500 approved centers in France.

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