13% drop in February 2022

the French car market still can’t get up the slope. For this month of February 2022, he accuses of a new decrease compared to the same period last year. Knowing that the month of February 2021 already showing a drop compared to 2020. In question: the shortage of semiconductors, which has lasted for more than a year and which is still not resolved.

A further drop in February 2022 compared to February 2021… which was already down

the French car market step back again. The month of January was already down sharply and February will not correct the situation. The fall is 13.01% compared to 2021, according to data published on Tuesday March 1 by the automotive industry platform (PFA).

In total in February 2022, 115,386 vehicles were registered, compared to 132,637 in 2021. Over the first two months of 2022, the cumulative drop is 15.73% with 218,285 registrations, compared to 259,017 in 2021.


The shortage of semiconductors is still responsible for the decline

How can this persistent decline be explained? “Same causes, same effects as in January with production problems: we are still waiting for the electronic components”, answers Fran├žois Roudier, director of communication at PFA. Indeed, the market remains very penalized by the shortage of semiconductors. For more than a year now, this shortage has caused production delays for car manufacturers. The demand therefore cannot be satisfied and delivery delays drive consumers to buy second-hand.

This shortage of microchips is due to the Covid-19 crisis. Slow-moving factories and, further upstream, a shortage of raw materials. Chipmakers then preferred to favor more profitable markets linked to the containment economy, such as video games or household appliances.

Tesla is doing well

De factothe figures of car manufacturers and groups are hardly flattering. Stellantis, which nevertheless had an excellent year in 2021, saw its sales drop by 19.59% in February 2022, for a total of 39,188 vehicles sold (compared to 48,738 in February 2021). the Renault group is also down by 11.54% for 25,100 vehicles sold, compared to 28,376 in 2021.

Same story with our German neighbours: the volkswagen group fell by 12.62% (14,420 in 2022 against 16,502 in 2021). Daimler (Mercedes and Smart) shows a decline of 17.98% (3,343 against 4,076). For Asian groups, the deal does not change either. The group Toyota fell by 19.56% (6,797 against 8,450); Nissan retraced 29.54% (2,175 vs. 3,087). The same is true for the American Ford with a drop of 20.79% (3,631 against 4,584).

However, one manufacturer manages to maintain its growth: You’re here. Its progression is staggering, 204.94%. But this is due to several factors. First of all, Tesla is just beginning to really increase its production and sell its models. Moreover, French policies push for transition to electric with purchasing aid. Finally, Elon Musk’s brand is shrouded in “hype” (fad, editor’s note). This is also reflected in its very large market capitalization, the highest among all car manufacturers and groups in the world.

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