2022 Jaguar F-Type vs. Chevrolet C8 Corvette: Battle of the V8s

A white 2022 Jaguar F-Type Convertible P450 in front of a body of water with its roof down

2022 Jaguar F-Type vs 2022 Chevrolet C8 Corvette comparison highlights:

  • The 2022 Jaguar F-Type and 2022 Chevrolet C8 Corvette are among the last V8-powered sports cars on the market
  • While the F-Type has the benefit of a supercharged V8 and more standard luxury features, the Corvette is a faster, more comfortable and fun-to-drive sports car
  • Although the higher Corvette trims are more expensive than a base 2022 Jaguar F-Type, the F-Type R is far more expensive than the Corvette

Even with electrification and rising gas prices, V8-powered sports cars aren’t entirely extinct. And with the Jaguar F-Type 2022, the V8 not only lives, it takes over. That year, Jaguar’s cheapest coupe (and convertible) dropped all other engines. But the F-Type isn’t the only one to endorse the engine’s praise. It’s getting EV and hybrid trims soon, but for 2022 the Chevrolet C8 Corvette is V8-only, too. So who will prevail between these eight-cylinder sports cars?

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