a difficult start to 2022

The auto market is still in serious crisis: according to figures from NGC-Data, January 2022 represents a further decrease compared to January 2021, -18.6% for vehicles sold to individuals and -20.9% for light utility vehicles (LCVs). Compared to January 2019, the pre-crisis period, the fall is even more drastic.

A further decline for the auto market in January 2022

2022 does not start with a bang for the French car market. According to data from NGC-Data, 102,901 registrations were made in the private market, which is 18.6% less than in January 2021 (126,380 registrations) and 33.6% less than in January 2019 ( 155,079).

In the LCV market, the fall was 19% compared to January 2021 (34,860 registrations) and 20.9% compared to January 2019 (35,686), for a total of 28,231 registrations this year.

In fact, the market remains very penalized by the shortage of semiconductors, which generates significant delivery delays. For this reason alone, many individuals turn to the second hand market. On the other hand, and despite a difficult start, the car market could well rebound slightly compared to 2021. The IHS Market firm thus expects 1.78 million car sales for the year 2022, an increase of 7.4% compared to 2021, the year in which 1.66 million vehicles were registered.

Manufacturers seem to be counting on similar figures, around 1.8 million sales for this year. But some of them anticipate a first quarter of declines due to the various shortages, with a catch-up during the second semester.


Peugeot still in the lead, Hyundai and Kia continue to climb

In detail by manufacturer, Peugeot remains the number 1 far ahead of Renault, with 20,458 registrations for the lion brand against 15,665 for the diamond brand. Peugeot is notably driven by sales of the highly acclaimed 208. In third place are Citroen ; the podium therefore remains, as usual, French.

Comes next Daciawhich nonetheless suffered a decline of 34.5%, then Toyotas and Volkswagens. In seventh and eighth positions are placed Hyundai and Kia, two Korean brands from the same group. Unlike the manufacturers higher in the ranking, sales of Hyundai and Kia in France are up, respectively by 13.3% and 6%. Hyundai is particularly driven by its Tucson SUV, which sold 1,095 copies.

Here are the top 15 manufacturers for this month of January 2022:

Rank Brands Sales Evolution
1 Peugeot 20,458 – 21.5%
2 Renault 15,665 – 17.0%
3 Citroen 10,601 – 13.9%
4 Dacia 7,475 – 34.5%
5 Toyota 7,190 – 20.6%
6 volkswagen 6,458 – 13.8%
7 hyundai 3,513 +13.3%
8 Kia 3,333 +6.0%
9 Ford 2,783 – 35.9%
10 Vauxhall 2,511 – 13.8%
11 BMW 2,480 – 19.9%
12 Audi 2,398 – 13.9%
13 Mini 2,281 + 33.7%
14 mercedes 2,129 – 14.4%
15 fiat 1,787 – 23.2%

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