a non-binding subscription for a car

With a changing automotive marketsome try new recipes. fiat launched a non-binding subscription plan to be able to drive in 500 electric.

A subscription to drive a Fiat 500e (electric)

It’s an offer that seems modeled on Netflix. With this subscription that starts at 299 euros per monthto which it will be necessary to add a security deposit of 1,000 euros which will last until the end of the contract, Fiat provides a 500th, an electric version of its city car. The model that arrives with this basic package has a range of 190 kilometers. It will also be possible to rent a model with 320 km of autonomy. The monthly mileage is set at 1,500 kilometers per month.


Payment, insurance, maintenance… How does it work?

The user will be able to drive this Fiat 500e during the entire subscription and it will be the sole holder. Maintenance, assistance and comprehensive insurance are included in the basic offer. Everything is done on line and payment is by credit card. And unlike a long-term rental (LLD)there will be no need to provide any specific documents.

“It’s a very simple offer, it’s on a 100% dedicated site, on which they can choose in a few clicks the package they want to have, the distributor where to be delivered, and then they just have to pay with their credit card directly. “, details Philippe Vautier, CEO of Fiat France on BFM Business.

A changing automotive market

This new formula is part of an increasingly complex automotive market that is changing for many reasons. Firstly, the price of new cars has risen considerably in recent decades, so much so that it is very difficult for a young audience to obtain it. Second, with increasingly severe restrictions on polluting cars and declining purchasing power, it is also difficult for some to obtain a new vehicle. Finally, the shortage of semiconductors affects automobile production, which sometimes makes it difficult to buy a new vehicle.

For some distributors, this kind of offers could be a solution. Other companies are therefore already in this segment: ByMyCar, By Car Simone or VTC Marcel. “It’s a real market in the making, faced with the increase in the cost of owning a car, with the development of the “as a service” approach in our lives. The situation is very favorable to its development, because it is more competitive if we compare it to medium-term rental”, informs Christophe Pineau, strategy and mobility director of ByMyCar.

In a context of transition to the electric car, this offer could also allow hesitant customers to test this new mobility solution upstream. Especially since the electric car represents a higher investment than a thermal model. “This allows people who have turned away from the automobile, because they did not want to be on long periods of 2 or 3 years, the main interest is flexibility”, concludes Philippe Vautier.

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