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Assurland.com reviewed 413,000 car insurance rates on its website in 2020, compared by drivers aged 18 and over. Result: the average cost of auto insurance in France is 611 euros.

Salty note for young people

Nevertheless, French people aged 18 to 25 pay on average their car insurance at the price of 1,021 euros per year, or 67% more compared to the national average. Unlike young drivers considered to be “more at risk”, seniors aged 66 to 75 pay “only” 400 euros per year. “They often benefit from a high bonus since they are considered more experienced by insurers,” says Assurland.com.

However, from the age of 76, the cost of car insurance is revised slightly upwards (440 euros per year). This is explained by the fact that “ocular or hearing deficits, attention disorders and more serious injuries in the event of a shock are statistically higher for this age group”, details the insurance comparator. .

Better be in the West

In France, four regions show a car insurance premium higher than the national average: Corsica (732 euros per year), Île-de-France (690 euros per year), Provence-Alpes-Côte d Azur (664 euros per year) and Hauts-de-France (612 euros per year). On the other hand, Brittany, New Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire are the regions where the cost of auto insurance is lowest.

Indeed, insurers take into account certain criteria (traffic, accident rate, number of thefts, place of parking, etc.) of the insured’s traffic area to set the price of car insurance.

In addition to the geographical location, the amount of car insurance also varies according to the use of the vehicle. In 2020, 60% of French people used their car for their home-work and private journeys (insurance premium: 624 euros per year) and 35% exclusively for their private journeys (insurance cost: 582 euros per year) according to Assurland. com. On the other hand, only 5% of French people used their car for their private and professional journeys, or even for their regular rounds.

All-risk insurance, a good deal?

According to the Assurland.com study, 54% of drivers opted for the “all risks” guarantee in 2020. However, this formula costs a little more than the average since it amounts to 643 euros per year. Only 18% of French people have chosen the compulsory minimum. Namely: civil liability. Finally, 12% have taken out civil liability cover with the “glass breakage” option and 16% have added fire theft cover.

“The all-risk formula reassures drivers. However, this is not always the best choice to make. If you are a good driver and your vehicle is more than eight years old, it is better to opt for an intermediate formula with a glass breakage and fire theft option. But also subscribe to the driver’s guarantee which offers protection in the event of bodily injury for the driver”, advises Olivier Moustacakis, co-founder of Assurland.com.

A variable cost depending on the brands

Tesla vehicles, at a very high new purchase price, are the most expensive to insure (1,032 euros per year). In addition, high-end brands such as Porsche (929 euros per year), BMW (752 euros per year), Audi (743 euros per year) and Jaguar (724 euros per year) follow closely. Conversely, drivers of Dacia and Kia, brands whose cars are cheaper to buy, pay less for their car insurance, with respectively 451 euros per year and 549 euros per year.

A price maintained for 2021

The decreases in the number of deaths (- 56% during the first confinement according to the report of the International Transport Forum), the number of injuries (- 20% in 2020 compared to 2019 according to Onisr) and vehicle thefts (- 40% during the first confinement) are factors which have enabled “auto insurers to achieve more than 2 billion euros in savings, announces the insurance comparator. 2021 should thus be in favor of a price freeze in car insurance. Assurland.com bases its comments on its personal insurance price index (IPAP), which compiles 6 million tariffs. Conversely, fleet insurance prices will surely rise.

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