All-risk car insurance: what is it?

Offering the most complete coverage, all-risk car insurance guarantees optimum protection for the driver and his vehicle.

That’s it, you’ve just bought your new car, and this time you’ve decided to treat yourself to a rather high-end model. But before you can hit the road behind the wheel of your car, you obviously need to find suitable insurance, and this is where things get complicated, given the plethora of offers offered by the different companies. Third party, enhanced third party or even all risks, which should you choose? In reality, it all depends on the warranties and the level of protection you are looking for for your vehicle. If you are a young driver or if your car has a low value, opt for third-party insurance instead, which will weigh less heavily on your budget. On the other hand, if your car is expensive or if you want to benefit from optimal protection, I’Back to back insurance will then be preferred. More expensive, this one however offers a more complete cover than the third, which is the minimum offer to which you can subscribe.

This only covers damage that you may cause to a third party, as its name suggests, or to one of its goods. On the other hand, some companies do not cover the driver for damage he himself may suffer or for his vehicle. For its part, all-risk insurance offers more comprehensive guarantees, covering the victims of damage, as well as the driver and the vehicle that caused it. Whether you are responsible or not and whether the third party is identified or not, you will always be compensated in the event of a claim or miscellaneous accident. In addition, all-risk insurance will allow you to benefit from faster reimbursement, because the compensation is then paid by the insurer without waiting for the dispute to be settled with the insurer of the opposing party. Be careful, because full compensation does not mean that you will be exempt from the deductible, even if it may be cheaper when the premium is higher.

What are the guarantees of all-risk insurance?

Offering a much higher level of cover than third-party insurance, the all-risk contract includes a set of comprehensive guarantees for the driver as well as for his vehicle. This protects the latter in particular against theft, fire as well as natural and technological disasters, not to mention guarantees for glass breakage and attacks, as well as assistance in the event of a breakdown, the services of which vary according to the contract. and company. Options can also be added, such as 0 km breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle or legal protection guarantee, which is particularly useful in the event of a dispute. To find out in detail about the offers offered and the various guarantees, make a auto insurance quote on line !

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