Best RC Car for Kids

Which RC car for kids is the best?

Remote control cars first became available in the mid-1960s. It took a while for the technology to advance enough for them to become mainstream, but by the 1970s adults had developed RC car hobbies. RC cars as toys have evolved steadily over the years. Today, kids can choose from simple, cute toys for toddlers to nifty vehicles for older kids. The best RC car for kids available right now is the Fisher-Price: DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile that will delight kids of all ages.

What you should know before buying a RC car for kids

RC cars for kids are top rated among kids of all ages. Superhero cars, emergency vehicles and sports cars can all stimulate the imagination. Children naturally dream of driving themselves and love watching car chases in movies. They can channel their fantasies in an RC car in a safe environment.

Educational Content

RC cars can be educational for your little ones. Fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination can be developed by using the remote control. The muscles in the little fingers, hands, and wrists must interact with the brain to successfully overcome obstacles. Creating obstacle courses can challenge your kids to develop these skills and encourage interaction with other kids.


RC cars get beat up. They’ll be slammed against baseboards, slammed against table legs, and maybe even slammed against a parent’s ankle. Make sure the RC car you buy is made of durable material. High-quality and pollution-free plastic is ideal for cars for younger children. Sturdy metal is a good choice for older kids, although high-quality plastic does the job just as well.


Batteries are often, and sometimes annoyingly, not included with toys. This should always be taken care of to avoid the disappointing birthday moment when your child can’t play with their RC car after the excitement of unpacking. With RC cars, pay attention to the required batteries for both the controller and the vehicle. It is also common for the two pieces to house different types of batteries.

What to look for in a quality RC car for kids


RC cars for kids can be equipped with many functions such as flashing lights or sirens. The motor itself makes some noise so consider your noise threshold when purchasing if they have additional loud features.


Choking hazard toys are not usually recommended for children under 3 years old. Watch out for small parts for the very young. Little fingers can also get stuck in places they shouldn’t. Always be vigilant and check the manufacturer’s age recommendation and couple it with your common sense.


Many people get disillusioned when buying two of the same car because they often run on the same frequency and cannot be used together. Some RC cars offer different frequencies in a range of vehicles, some don’t. Even if they are different colors, buying two exact vehicles can lead to disappointment regarding the big race.

How much you can spend on a rc car for kids

RC cars for toddlers can range from $6 or $7 up to $4000 for high speed racing challenging RC cars for older kids. More regular RC cars for kids typically range from $30 to $170.

RC car for kids FAQ

Will a remote control car damage things in your house?

A A normal sized RC car is unlikely to cause any serious damage. However, care should be taken as things like water glasses can be knocked over and cause electrical damage. Skirting boards and furniture legs can get minor dents and scratches and the rules should be established beforehand.

How long do RC car batteries last?

A The batteries last depending on use. Of course, the more time your child plays with it, the more batteries you will use up. It’s possible to go through several packs of the required battery type before realizing that rechargeable batteries might have been the preferred option! Keep in mind that rechargeable batteries may charge slowly and have a short lifespan before needing to be recharged.

What is the best RC car for kids?

Top RC car for kids

Fisher-Price: DC Super Friends transform Batmobile

What you need to know: This super cool, convertible Batmobile is aimed at children aged 3-8 years.

What you will love: Switch between a sleek Batmobile and a battle platform to launch attacks. The vehicle can rotate 360 ​​degrees and drive forward and backward for some high-speed chases with Batman’s nemesis. The controller is not bulky and easy to use for small hands. Kids will find it easy to navigate the imaginary streets of Gotham City.

What you should consider: The same car operates on the same frequency, so two purchased toys will not work together.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best RC Car for kids for the money

Monster Jam: Megalodon Storm All Terrain RC Monster Truck

Monster Jam: Megalodon Storm All Terrain RC Monster Truck

What you need to know: This monster truck for kids ages 3+ is based on the largest shark that ever lived and is designed to overcome any obstacle that gets in its way.

What you will love: This beast laughs at rough terrain like dirt, rocks, snow, grass and sometimes even sand! This waterproof behemoth splashes through the water with its durable floating tires. The truck has a range of 100 feet so kids can plan challenging routes for it.

What you should consider: The required two AAA batteries are not included. Avoid disappointment and get the batteries separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

It’s worth trying

Little Tikes Spinning RC

Little Tikes Spinning RC

What you need to know: The simple controls allow the youngest from 2 years to learn the motor skills of hand-eye coordination.

What you will love: Your toddler will be amazed when the car doors open as they spin. Three buttons have basic actions of driving, turning and honking. The flashing lights, adorable sounds and vibrant colors will keep your child happy for hours.

What you should consider: Some reviewers have said that young children can find it difficult to operate the car without adult help.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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