BMW, Audi, Tesla… The most expensive cars in car insurance

Insurers charge almost twice as much to cover a Tesla as they do to insure a car from Peugeot or Renault.

611 euros: this is what the French paid on average in 2020 to insure their car, according to the comparator Assurland (1). If there are strong disparities according to the motorist’s place of residence and traffic, the most significant price difference concerns the brand of the insured vehicle.

For simplicity, the more expensive the car, the more expensive it is to insure it. Because, in the event of theft, accident or fire, the costs of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen parts are more expensive than for a mid-range car. “Manufacturers still have a monopoly on spare parts. The liberalization of the sector, which will have an impact on prices, is a huge challenge for motor insurance,” comments Olivier Moustacaki, co-founder of Assurland.

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A Tesla at the price of 2.5 Dacia

Thus, it is not surprising that on the podium of the most expensive vehicles in auto insurance, we find You’re here, whose purchase price for a new car starts at 40,000 euros. With precisely 1,032 euros in insurance premiums in 2020it is indeed the owners of the most famous brands of electric cars who on average pay the most to insure their car. Porsche, BMW and Audi, with respectively 929 euros, 752 euros and 743 euros last year, follow in the footsteps of Tesla. These high prices are explained by the high cost of their models but also by the power of the vehicles that these manufacturers market, which is the statistical source of an increased risk of accident.

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The good news is that the best-selling cars in France are among the least expensive to insure. A brand car Peugeot- whose last 208 dominated sales in 2020 – cost on average 607 euros insurance last year, compared to 592 euros for a Renault, 551 euros for Citroën and only 451 euros for a Dacia. The vehicles of this low-cost brand of the Renault group are thus the least expensive in terms of insurance. With 549 euros in premiums in 2020, Kia, another low-cost car player, also benefits from lower prices than the national average.

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(1) This study is based on 413,000 car insurance rates made in 2020, for drivers aged 18 and over who made an insurance comparison on Assurland.

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