Buying a used Mercedes: how to choose?


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Used Mercedes: have a precise idea of ​​the model you are looking for

Before you start looking for the second-hand Mercedes that will suit you, you must make a shortlist of the models that really interest you. This exercise is essential, because it will prevent you from dispersing. It will also save you a lot of time in your search. You can find different used Mercedes models by going to the site of a new and used car dealership such as the Chopard Group. You will be able to find what you are looking for in a few clicks. All you have to do is go to the category of the type of vehicle you want and narrow the proposals using filters.

On the site of a large automobile group, you can find up to 30 models of Mercedes. By browsing the list of the brand’s vehicle categories, you directly have a precise idea of ​​the number of used car offers available in stock. The filters also allow you to select other selection criteria to refine the search results. You even have the option of directly entering the name of the model you want in the dedicated search bar on the used dealer’s website. To facilitate the rest of the purchase process, it is therefore up to you to make a maximum research on Mercedes models which you like. You can then easily find them in the offers for the sale of used vehicles. Choosing a dealer to buy a used car also and above all means making a worry-free purchase with a car that has been checked, revised, prepared and guaranteed for up to 24 months at no additional cost. It is also possible to opt for home delivery if the car is ever too far from your home while taking advantage of a 14-day guarantee to change your mind.

Check the year of registration and the mileage of the car

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The age of the vehicle is a very important criterion that you should not neglect when buying a second-hand car. It is for this reason that the year of circulation is one of the first information that dealers provide. According to a study carried out by argus, the French favor vehicles over 8 years old. This choice, however, depends on the needs of each user. A car less than 5 years old, for example, will be ideal for a driver who has great mobility. If your trips are moderate, you can opt for a second-hand Mercedes model that has been around for 8 years or more.

Moreover, the age of the vehicle does not really tell us about its general condition. This is why you must also take into account the mileage that its counter displays. This value will then make it possible to establish a correlation between the age of the car and its level of depreciation. You can thus get a brief idea of ​​its performance and the condition of its equipment.

Inspect the condition of the used Mercedes

On the online advertisements, you have the possibility of observing some photos of the different used Mercedes that interest you. Once you’re ready to go further, you should schedule a visit to the dealership parking lot. This will then be an opportunity to inspect the car more closely and ask the seller your questions to find out more about the condition of the vehicle. Start your body inspection to make sure that there are no possible damages and cracks. Check that the color is the same all over the car and check the condition of the lights, windows and all other exterior elements.

Then go inside to inspect the condition of the upholstery and particularly that of the driver’s seat. Pay particular attention to the condition of the doors and the sounds they make while opening and closing. A squeak or creak will let you know if the car has suffered a side impact. Also pay attention to all the controls in the driver’s compartment to ensure that they operate normally. Finally, we must analyze the maintenance sheet and test drive to confirm your choice.

It should be noted, however, that it is not always easy to fully complete all these checks in a few hours without missing something. To have more insurance, you must necessarily go through a serious and experienced dealer. The ideal is to also opt for a sales offer with a concession guarantee that can extend up to 24 months. To facilitate your choice, professional sellers provide you with comprehensive information about the car. The automotive group’s technicians are also responsible for checking the vehicles offered for sale by the used car dealer on all aspects.

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Choosing a used Mercedes is a difficult decision to make, especially for a first purchase. Here are tips for choosing the best used Mercedes car.


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