California: gasoline sold by mistake… at $0.69/gallon

A gas station in Rancho Cordova, Calif., made many motorists happy last Friday by selling its gasoline… at 69 cents a gallon.

It was in no way a promotion, but rather a system error that placed the comma in the wrong place. The actual price that should have been displayed is $6.99 (the average in California these days is $6.34 per gallon). In short, a big 90% discount on gasoline!

Obviously, lines of vehicles formed at this gas station, the good news also spreading on social networks. Some even came back a second and third time, with a different vehicle. Others brought their cans with them to fill them.

The service station manager realized the error after about three hours, leaving plenty of time for motorists to take advantage of the unexpected windfall. And besides, this is not an isolated case: in April, another station in Tennessee accidentally sold gasoline at 45 cents a gallon. If we take into account the exchange rate, this amounts to 15 Canadian cents per litre!

The price of oil on the rise

Now the bad news: Investment bank Goldman-Sachs expects the price of Brent oil, currently hovering around $120 a barrel, to hit $140 by the end of the month. summer given the strong seasonal demand. However, due to reduced capacity at refineries, prices at the pump will look like a barrel is more like $160, she warns.

In Quebec, gasoline currently sells for an average of $2.20 per liter and could therefore approach $3 in such a scenario. You imagine? Incidentally, La Belle Province comes third after British Columbia ($2.26/L) and Newfoundland and Labrador ($2.22/L). Gasoline is the cheapest in Alberta at $1.84 per litre.

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