Canceled driver: how to insure yourself?

Une conductrice résiliée par son assurance

For various reasons, an insurance company can terminate a driver’s car contract. In this regard, there would be more than 8 million French drivers whose contract would have been terminated by their insurer. For the motorist, it will be somewhat difficult to be accepted by another company. Indeed, his profile may be considered “at risk” by other insurers. Nevertheless, with some research, a terminated driver can find new auto insurance.

Canceled car insurance: what to do?

Bad news, your insurer has just terminated your insurance contract. To find a new insurer, you will have a hard time. However, exercise is not impossible. There are a few tricks to re-insure yourself.

Renegotiate with your insurer

Has your insurer decided to terminate your car insurance contract? You can still negotiate with the insurer. Whatever the cause of the termination, you have a chance to make it right. When your insurer decides to interrupt your contract, you have 10 to 30 days to fix the situation. this is possible if the contract has been terminated for non-payment of your contribution. In this case, you just have to pay the unpaid amount and you will recover your contract.

If the problem cannot be solved, you can negotiate with the insurer so that it is you who cancels the contract and not him. This is so as not to taint your file for your future research. An insurer who observes a cancellation by another insurer may indeed be reluctant.

Go to an insurer for termination

When an insurer cancels your contract, you are registered in the Agira car cancellation file. A file that all insurers can consult. Once you appear in it, you are considered an “at risk” customer. Your chances of finding a traditional insurer are minimal.

Fortunately, there are insurers such as, which specialize in auto insurance for terminated drivers. These insurance companies give “at risk” profiles a second chance. Whatever the causes of the termination of your auto insurance contract, you will find a place there. You will be able benefit from a contract adapted to your past insurance. The rates will however be a little higher than for a classic contract. Nevertheless, this solution will remain a good alternative.

Contact the Central Pricing Office (BCT)

If you have not found what you are looking for with insurance for terminated drivers, you still have a solution. You can approach the BCT, an organization independent of insurance companies. This can provide you with the mandatory minimum insurance, i.e. civil liability. With the help of the BCT, you can obtain an auto contract from the company of your choice.

However, the contract obtained will be limited. The new insurer will only be able to provide auto insurance to the third party. Another disadvantage of this solution: it takes time, about three months. Finally, the contract is only valid for one year. After the deadline, you will then have to repeat the same process.

On what grounds can an insurer terminate an auto insurance contract?

As part of an auto insurance contract, both the insurer and the insured have the right to terminate this contract, under certain conditions. In certain situations, it is the insurance company that exercises its right of termination. What are the causes ?

Termination on expiry of the contract

Each year, on the anniversary date of the contract, the insured can terminate it, without any reason. The insurer, too, can take this decision, always without reason. If he wishes to terminate the contract on the expiry date, he must notify the insured at least two months before its deadline. It’s about a obligation provided for by article L113-12 of the Insurance Code. This notice is intended to allow the terminated insured not to be without insurance when the contract expires.

Termination for non-payment of dues

An insurance company can terminate a car contract if the insured does not pay his insurance contributions. However, termination is not automatic. The insured still has 10 days after the due date to pay his premium.. After this period, the insurer can send him a formal notice giving him an additional 30 days to pay. If payment is still not made, the insurer may suspend the contract definitively.

Termination for aggravation of the insured risk

Over time, the insured’s situation changes (marriage, divorce, moving, etc.). Thus, the risks insured at the start of the subscription also change. If the insurer judges that the risks have become too high, it can ask to terminate the contract. He then has 10 days to demand termination, but he can also ask for an increase in the insurance premium. In this case, the insurance is maintained, but the amount of the contribution increases.

Risky driver that no car insurer wants to insure for his car

Termination for Misrepresentation or Omission

According to some studies, one in ten French people has already committed fraud. Omissions and misrepresentations may render the contract obsolete. If the motorist fails to inform the insurer of a particular fact, the latter may request cancellation. If he also notices a false declaration before a claim, he has the right to terminate the contract. Termination takes effect 10 days after the insured has received a registered letter announcing the end of the contract.

Termination following a claim

There are contracts stipulating the possibility of termination after a disaster. The insurer can exercise its right of cancellation only if the contract clearly mentions it. It is up to the insurer to read the clauses carefully to find out if the insurer is within its rights. This action can be taken if the insurer considers that the insured has suffered too many claims, for example. The company must inform the driver of this by registered letter 30 days before the end of the contract.

Car insurance for terminated driver: what cost?

As a terminated driver, you fall into the category of “at risk” customer with insurers. If you obtain a contract with a new company, your contributions will be higher than those of traditional insurance. Whether in a traditional company or a specialized insurance, an additional premium will be applied, in order to compensate for the increase in the insured risk. The amount of the additional premium will depend on the cause of termination. This can range from 50 to 200%.


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