Car garage: who is entitled to solidarity repairs?

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Solidarity car garages allow you to repair your car at a lower cost. In fact, by paying an annual fee, motorists can take advantage of advantageous rates for vehicle maintenance and repairs. A godsend when you know that the cost of repairs increases every year, an argument often put forward to explain the rise in auto insurance rates.

Mobility assistance for the most modest

In France, car repairs increase on average each year by 2% to 3% for fifteen years. In question, the workforce of course, but also the increase in the price of spare parts. Among the existing aids to repair your car cheaper, there is a solution: the solidarity garages.

These devices are also calledassociative garages», «collaborative garages” or “self-parking“. They allow you to solve the mobility difficulties encountered by people in precarious situations. Indeed, by going to a solidarity car garagemotorists save on the cost of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

How does a solidarity garage work?

Solidarity garages are supervised by qualified mechanics. Individual beginners can also participate. You can :

  • Repair your vehicle yourselfusing the equipment made available to you;
  • Have your vehicle serviced or repaired by the members of the association;
  • Receive training in auto repair to learn how to repair and/or maintain your vehicle yourself.

What is the price of a solidarity garage?

Users of a solidarity garage must first pay a membership fee between €10 and €150 per year. Once this contribution has been paid, you can take advantage of the services of the solidarity garage at very attractive rates.

The prices of a solidarity garage often drop below 10 euros per hour. They are partly set according to your income and your family coefficient.

Where can I find a solidarity garage?

There are currently nearly 150 solidarity garages in France. To find the list of associative garages in your department, go to the website

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