Car insurance: can you insure used car parts?

Have you ever had to change a part of your vehicle that was damaged or reached the end of its life? So the idea of ​​opting for second-hand must have crossed your mind. Much less expensive than original parts, recycled parts from the automotive sector today represent a rapidly growing market that offers many advantages. But can we insure the used parts of a vehicle and remain protected in the event of a claim?

Are used parts okay?

This is what the decree of October 8, 2018 and applied on April 1, 2019 stipulates in response to article L.224-37 of the Consumer Code. In the interests of ethics and the circular economy, garages and auto professionals are now required to offer second-hand auto parts when replacing or repairing. You should therefore obtain, during your visit to your repairer, two quotes, one made with new parts, the second with used parts. It’s up to you to decide which one suits you best! Garage owners must also inform their customers of their right to request reused parts and are obliged to display this in their establishment, specifying the categories of parts concerned.

Can you insure your used parts?

Thanks to the entry into force of the decree of April 29, 2009, insurance companies can now estimate the cost of repairing a damaged car based on second-hand prices. The final cost of repairs can therefore be significantly reduced if used parts are recommended in your insurer’s report. If your vehicle is declared VEI (economically irreparable vehicle) following a report from your expert who estimates that the repair costs are higher than the monetary value of your car, then it will risk becoming out of use. . To avoid the systematic sending of vehicles for scrapping, some insurers offer to use second-hand parts which will reduce your estimate. You are also entitled to challenge the VEI status of your vehicle if you present a lower quote that mentions the use of second-hand parts to your insurance company. In addition, from 2023, reused parts will no longer be supplied solely by car manufacturers, as evidenced by article 32 of the climate and resilience law for the sake of ecology. This would also support the purchasing power of the French. To find the best expert near you, you can consult and rely on a car insurance comparator!

Are all used parts eligible?

Although reuse is becoming more and more democratic, your insurer will not be able to cover all the costs if your vehicle is completely rebuilt with used parts. In general, the parts covered by your insurance company are not mechanical or technical. Indeed, as a precaution and safety measure, your expert will only accept “external” parts such as body parts, windows or even light units. In addition, the use of reused parts implies certain conditions to be respected. Not all are acceptable. They must be recovered from end-of-life vehicles by approved recyclers who carry out a general check before redistributing them to repairers. So be careful about where your parts come from!

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