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Whatever your situation, a car insurance simulation can never be refused! You are already insured: you can find cheaper elsewhere for the same guarantees. You want to buy a new car with all options: you will be able to know in a few clicks what you are exposing yourself to in terms of car insurance.

You’ve had your driver’s license in your pocket for a few hours: fall in love with transparency for a used car and drive it legally as soon as possible. In any case, you need (today, immediately, tomorrow or during the week) a car insurance quote to make your dream of getting away or your desire to save money. Nothing could be easier: all you have to do is perform an online simulation. How ? We explain it all to you!

Use a car insurance comparator?

Only a few minutes separate you from your car insurance simulation. To obtain it without delay, connect without delay to the site of the desired insurance company or, if you want to compete with all the insurers on the market, on a site allowing you to compare car insurance.

Then fill in the online form in order to provide all the data and information essential for your tailor-made calculation and you will immediately obtain your simulation.

A car insurance simulation based on the vehicle to be insured and your driver profile

Two main parameters are used by insurers to perform an auto insurance simulation and provide you with the quotes requested:

  1. Driver settings
    • Age, sex, family situation, profession, place of residence, seniority of your driving license, young or experienced driver, the bonus-malus…
  2. The parameters concerning the vehicle, themselves divided into two parts
    • The characteristics of your car : make, model, fiscal horsepower, date of purchase or entry into service, type of vehicle to be insured (new car, used car, leasing)…
    • Its daily use : traffic area, number of kilometers traveled annually, parking method (garage, private garden, public road, etc.), frequency of use, etc.

These parameters are then subjected to a risk calculation based on statistics (this is called risk assessment in the jargon of insurers) in order to establish the final result, necessarily tailor-made: a vehicle driven in the countryside will cost less to insure than the same vehicle circulating in a large metropolis .

And, for an equivalent vehicle, a young driver will inevitably pay a much higher insurance premium than an experienced driver with a maximum bonus of 50%.

Good to know : to be sure to obtain an auto insurance formula corresponding precisely to your situation, answer the online forms in complete transparency. Before validating your contract, the insurance company will always check the veracity of the data entered in the car insurance quote and will ask you for the corresponding supporting documents…

The documents required for a car insurance simulation

When you fill out the online form, you will need to provide specific information. You will find almost all of the information requested in the following documents:

  • The gray card of the vehicle to be insured (we are now talking about registration certificate)
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your car insurance information statement (if you have already insured a vehicle or if you wish to change insurer)

Your information statement will allow you to know precisely your bonus-malus, your possible history of accidents… You will obtain it automatically at each expiry of your current car insurance contract or on simple request to your current insurer by mail, email or telephone.

If you don’t have these documents to hand, nothing prevents you from carrying out an “exploratory” online car insurance simulation to get a first idea. You just have to re-edit your car insurance simulation when you get them.

How to best carry out your auto insurance simulation?

As we have seen, the parameters of the vehicle to be insured and your driver profile are directly taken into account in establishing the car insurance simulation and in the final quote. But you will quickly realize it: depending on the insurance companies, these same parameters will produce rates that can go from simple to double depending on this or that aggressive commercial policy or this or that strategy for winning new policyholders.

This is why it is strongly advised to use an online car insurance comparator to be sure to simultaneously query all the companies on the market and thus obtain the best rates. All for free and without obligation, without having to spend hours or evenings interviewing all car insurance websites review or make an appointment with several brokers to put the market offers in competition.

You can also use a car insurance comparator to simulate very simply and very quickly all car insurance formulas and make your choice in complete transparency: all-risk car insurance, third-party car insurance, intermediate car insurance, car insurance per kilometer, etc.

Even though comprehensive car insurance will obviously always cost more than the other two formulas, you may be surprised at the small price difference depending on the criteria specific to your tailor-made situation. In any case, it costs nothing to try and you will be 100% sure of your final choice!

Performing a car insurance simulation does not commit you to anything!

Carry out as many car insurance simulations as you like, on the sites you want: it will never cost you anything and you will have no obligation to “concretize”. You can do simulations out of simple curiosity, from time to time according to your desires or even while dreaming of the car that you have always wanted to buy yourself without ever having taken action for the moment.

And, who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. In any case, you will always know how much costs precisely the desired insurance and you are not immune to coming across a commercial offer that you cannot refuse…

A car insurance simulation worthy of the name must contain:

  • A clear and concise summary of the proposed insurance offer
  • The list of warranties and their exclusions
  • The different franchises
  • Reimbursement ceilings
  • Compensation deadlines in the event of a car accident
  • The driver’s guarantee in the event of death

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