Car insurance: the green sticker on the windshield could disappear, here’s why

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The green sticker and the paper version of the insurance certificate could soon disappear. (© Archives Le Courrier du Pays de Retz)

It’s a little ritual well known to motorists: affixing his green sticker on the windshield of his vehicle to prove that he is well insured. This habit may soon disappear.

France Assureurs, a national federation which represents 247 insurance companies, has proposed to the government to delete this vignette as well as the insurance certificate.

“In order to simplify the life of the insured, the insurers propose to abolish the insurance certificate in the form of a sticker and the insurance certificate today materialized by the green card”, explained at the beginning of the year the organization in a press release.

“Discussions are underway with the government”, confirms a spokesperson for France insurers to news.fras indicated by the MoneyVox site.

Better fight against non-insurance

For insurers, this paper sticker system (created more than 70 years ago) is now obsolete. Supposed to help “the fight against non-insurance” – while in France, according to figures from the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety (Onisr), 770,000 vehicles were circulating without insurance in 2021 – today the law enforcement agencies have access to a tool deemed more effective by professionals, the Insured Vehicles File (FVA).

Set up in 2016 and operational since 2019, this file, fed almost in real time by all insurers, “provides information on the insurance situation of each vehicle”: registration, name of the insurer and contract number and date of ‘deadline.

During an inspection, instead of checking the sticker on the windshield and the insurance certificate, the police can now directly access this file to be aware of the vehicle’s insurance situation.

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These paper documents have proven their usefulness for several decades in the fight against non-insurance. However, law enforcement agencies now have tools enabling them to directly access the Insured Vehicles File.

France insurers

Today, this file of insured vehicles lists more than 56 million vehicles. Insurers must report any changes within 72 hours.

Thereby, “insurers believe that the FVA can serve as a single reference for insurance supervision”justifies the federation of French insurance companies.

Driving without being insured, what are the risks?

It is necessary to distinguish between two scenarios that can lead to a sanction during a car insurance check by the police:

• You are well insured but have not affixed the famous green sticker or do not have your insurance certificate: you risk a second class fine of 35 euros.

• You are not insured at all: in this case, the lack of insurance is punished by a fine of 3,750 euros, which may be accompanied by the suspension or cancellation of your driving license, with a ban on resiting your license. license within three years, as well as the confiscation of the car.

To reduce the cost of your auto insurance, there are several tips.
50 million documents justifying the insurance are sent each year to policyholders in France. (@Johann Foucault /

50 million documents sent each year

Another argument put forward by insurers, in addition to the simplification of controls, is the ecological and economic cost of these paper documents.

Every year, this administrative formality represents the sending of 50 million documents to policyholders.

If these documents were no longer sent by insurance companies, there would obviously be substantial savings for insurers. Of how much ? theoretical economics could represent 17 million eurosaccording to MoneyVox, a figure that does not confirm to the federation of insurers.

What are the consequences for the insured? Whatever the actual savings made, the hypothesis could be to revise the cost of auto insurance contracts downwards. “This concerns each insurance company”, specifies France insurers.

It’s up to the government to decide

To reach such a decision, however, the government still has to validate the proposal and allow it by decree. “France is one of the last countries to require its nationals to present paper documents, recalls the federation, while in Germany this document no longer exists since 2008. “

Discussions are underway, in particular with the Ministries of the Interior and of the Economy and Finance, and they “are on the right track”, assures us a spokesperson for France insurers.

Contacted by news.frthe Ministry of Economy and Finance confirms that a “simplification of the formalities linked to the obligation to insure a land motor vehicle is currently under study” (electric scooters would not be concerned).

“After the finalization of the technical work and a consultation of all the actors concerned, a decision could be taken by the government after the summer », Tells us the ministry.

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