Car insurance: what is the best way to save money?

It is important to carefully study the insurance rates before making a final choice. Comparators and online quote requests now allow you to perform simulations. You can thus correctly assess the budget necessary for car insurance and achieve considerable savings. However, there are other ways to save on an auto insurance policy.

Car insurance: what you need to know

It is imperative to take out insurance if you own a car. The liability guarantee is the minimum that your insurance must cover. Be aware, however, that your car insurance must protect you from bodily injury or material damage possibly caused to a third party. However, you should not pay too much for your insurance policy. Just be sure to take out auto insurance tailored to your needs. Consider your budget and choose the rate that suits you.

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Use a car insurance comparator

Know that you can use online services to use a car insurance comparator. To this end, the Les Furets site offers a comparator that you can use according to your needs. Online comparators present the advantage of being quick and easy to use. These tools also provide an overview of the different auto insurance rates presented on the market. You can easily choose the option and coverage that suits your needs.

Car Insurance

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Reassess your needs regularly

First, try to list your real needs. This will make it easier for you to determine which insurance is right for you. In addition, your insurance contract will have to take into account the various changes in your daily life. Consider details such as moving house, buying a new car, your new job, etc. Don’t forget thatgood insurance is not always the most expensive. Above all, it is the one that best suits your needs.

Drive safely

Know that you will get a penalty in the event of an accident caused by bad driving. As a result, your insurance rate may increase. You can thus avoid this kind of situation and save money by preserving your bonus. Be sure to drive carefully while respecting the Highway Code. Accompanied driving is also a solution for more controlled driving. It is also an advantageous option, especially for young drivers. They are considered to be at risk. Their premium is therefore quite high.

Choose insurance per kilometer

Insurance by the kilometer is also an interesting option if you want to save money on your car insurance. As its name suggests, this type of insurance applies according to the number of kilometers traveled. Otherwise, some formulas impose a specific number of kilometers not to be exceeded in a month. This type of insurance is ideal for drivers who do not travel long distances often.

Bet on the formulas

The formulas presented by the insurers are numerous. They depend in particular on the use of your car. Consequently, if you do not regularly take your vehicle out, choose a formula corresponding to this type of driving. This will save you money in the long run. In addition, by choosing the formula adapted to your needs, you guarantee good risk coverage. You also avoid paying for warranties you don’t need.

Combine your contracts and pay annually

Grouping insurance allows you to choose the same structure for all contracts. This can relate to car insurance, home insurance or any other insurance you take out. Having different contracts with a single insurer allows you toeasily get rewards and other substantial benefits. To this end, the best solution is to pay everything in one go each year. This alternative is also safer and obviously more economical. In general, thanks to this method of payment, the management costs for the insurer are reduced.

Our advice to reduce the cost of your car insurance

These tips are obviously suitable for those who have already taken out insurance, but also for those who are considering doing so. The main objective is to find insurance with the lowest possible premium.

car insurance savings

Challenge the premium increase

Sometimes, insurance contracts do not have a clause for review, adjustment of contributions or increase. If this is the case for your contract, be aware that the premium increase is not valid. You can then dispute the increase and ask for the maintenance of the old tariff. However, the insurer has the choice of whether or not to accept the request. In the event of refusal, he may terminate the contract on the following due date.

Terminate the current contract

Due to the number of insurance contracts available these days, it is sometimes easier to terminate an overpriced contract. Opting for another, more affordable, therefore seems easier. However, be careful not to rush into your choices. Read the terms of your contract carefully before signing. Consider everything related to premium increase and termination.

Play on the competition to pay less

Staying with a trusted insurer is advantageous in several ways. Nevertheless, competition is fierce these days when it comes to insurance contracts. Few insurers also grant discounts to their loyal customers. Since January 1, 2015, the Hamon law authorizes the change of insurance at any time, provided that the contract is at least one year old. If you find a more favorable car insurance contract, do not hesitate to change insurers.

The price of car insurance is likely to continue to rise in the years to come. However, you can take action in different ways to reduce its impact. These few tips should help you save money on your auto insurance policy. Also, don’t forget to compare the best auto insurance companies to find the one that fits your coverage needs and budget. Do not hesitate to apply our advice to benefit from considerable advantages over the long term.

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