Car insurance: which formula to choose?

The car insurance formula that suits you adapts to your profile, your needs and your budget. Point.

Third party car insurance

Third-party car insurance is the least expensive formula. This insurance includes civil liability cover, which is the minimum compulsory insurance for any vehicle. It covers material damage and bodily injury caused by the insured to a third party.

If you opt for this formula, you are protected against compensation for victims in the event of a claim. However, this type of insurance does not cover any damage that you and your car may suffer. This type of insurance, which is particularly affordable, is ideal for young drivers. It is also a good alternative for insuring a used or low-value car.

All-risk car insurance

All-risk car insurance is the most complete formula. It covers material damage and bodily injury suffered by the insured and damage caused to third parties. The contract usually contains:

This formula is recommended for high value vehicles such as high end new cars. Although it provides optimal coverage, it is not suitable for all drivers. And for good reason, all-risk auto insurance is expensive and not affordable for all budgets.

Intermediate car insurance

Intermediate car insurance is ideal for those with an average budget. It constitutes the compromise between third-party insurance and all-risk insurance. This coverage costs considerably less than comprehensive insurance. However, it offers broader coverage than third party insurance. This formula is offered with additional guarantees that you can add to your contract in order to adapt it to your needs.

Personalized car insurance

Auto insurance is customizable to suit your needs and budget. Indeed, you can add additional guarantees to the classic formulas in order to benefit from optimal coverage. Insurers provide you with guarantees such as 0 km assistance, the driver’s personal guarantee or even legal protection.

In addition to the flexible guarantees, you can also customize the rates. It is possible to ask to increase the deductible, in order to reduce the amount of your monthly contributions. Young drivers and small riders can also opt for insurance pricing per kilometer. This is the most economical formula which defines the amount of the annual contribution according to the number of kilometers traveled by the car.

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