Car insurance: will the green sticker soon disappear from the windshield?

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Compulsory for almost 40 years, the green sticker could soon disappear from the windshield of the French. Indeed, France Assureurs wishes to abolish this auto insurance certificate in order to fight against fraud, simplify the lives of policyholders and support the ecological transition.

Remove the green car insurance sticker

The green sticker was created 75 years ago and is obligatory for 40 years. She must be affixed to the windshield of the vehicle of every Frenchman. The purpose of this green card: prove that you have car insurance. If this auto insurance certificate is not visible on your windshield, you will incur a €35 fine in the event of a police check, even if you are insured.

However, this obligation could soon disappear. Indeed, France Assureurs, a federation of 247 insurance companies, wishes to abolish the green sticker for simplify the life of motorists and fight against fraud. According to them, it is very easy to falsify this document.

Franck Le Vallois, Managing Director of France Assureurs, explains:

At the time, this was rightly created to combat uninsurance. But today we have all the technical means to simplify the lives of French people and improve the fight against fraud. We are hopeful that our proposal will succeed.

Towards a dematerialized car insurance certificate

Removing the green sticker would also have a positive impact on the environment. In fact, these are close to 50 million auto insurance certificates that are printed and sent every year in France. Result: the abolition of the green card would make it possible to save money and preserve the environment.

But then, what alternative to the green sticker? According to France Assureurs, the document could be replaced by a dematerialized formatnamely the File of Insured Vehicles (FVA) which has existed since 2016 and which has been shared with law enforcement since 2019. This is a file that gathers information on current auto insurance contracts, such as:

For the moment, no decision has been taken on the removal of the green sticker. Discussions are underway between France Assureurs and the Ministries of the Economy, Transport and the Interior.

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