Car theft: modern vehicles more vulnerable

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Vehicles with a keyless start system are said to be more vulnerable to car theft. Indeed, this starting device would greatly facilitate the work of criminals. A double penalty for owners who, in addition to being victims of theft, encounter difficulties in obtaining compensation with their car insurance.

If the opening and starting system pleases with its simplicity and speed of operation, it has also allowed the emergence of a new type of flight: the mouse jacking Where electronic flight.

How does it work? Of the small enclosures act as a relay antenna and allow pick up key signal which is inside the owner’s dwelling. When this signal is picked up, it is redirected to the car. the vehicle receiver is deceived, because he thinks the key is near the car. Criminals can thus enter and leave with the car in complete discretion.

If you feel like this can happen to anyone but you, think again. A recent study by the automobile club Adac shows that only 1 in 20 vehicles is actually protected against this car theft technique. Of the 500 vehicles tested, 477 are vulnerable to electronic theft. Only 24 cars showed a level of protection resistant to mouse jacking.

In order to limit the risks, some car manufacturers have developed another technology: keys employing ultra-wideband digital radio waves. This system measures the time that puts the key to respond to the signal. Today, the most widespread device simply verifies the presence of the key. Unfortunately, this technology concerns few brands.

The car theft victim puzzle

Unlike other vehicle thefts, this one has the particularity of being made without breaking. This causes real difficulties for the owners, victims of this disaster. Without a visible break-in, obtaining compensation from the insurer becomes more difficult.

Faced with this phenomenon, several car insurance companies have come up to speed in order to recognize and take charge of the electronic flight. Indeed, the mouse jacking is now recognized by the courts. Many cases have been brought to court by policyholders to denounce the non-recognition of this offence. Several verdicts have been favorable to them because the courts have considered electronic intrusion as a break-in.

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