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Snap Shades is pleased to announce that their car window blinds offer a range of products designed by new parents to help their child drive safely and stay protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They had trouble finding sunburn and UV protection products on the market, so they developed their own. The founders of Snap Shades knew they needed good UV protection in Australia given the country’s exposure to so much harmful UV rays.

After extensive searches at baby supply stores and online for vehicle window blinds, they could not find a decent looking and practical option within their budget. The solution was to launch the necessary product to fill the perceived lack in the market and thus Snap Shades was born.

Snap Shades are functional, stylish and affordable to protect all car occupants from the harmful effects of UV rays. Regardless of whether the customer is a new parent or part of an existing family, the blinds are designed to simply protect your passengers from UV rays.

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For all parents who transport children and toddlers in the car, the magnetic car window sun shades are affordable. They are clean, appropriate, stylish and magnetic. Competitors use bulky clips to hold the sunglasses in place that are prone to breakage, making them less comfortable and not fitting as well as the Snap Shades products.

The blinds are designed to fit smoothly and stay in place regardless of the type of car being driven. Luxury cars, sports cars, and SUVs can carry passengers who don’t want the adverse effects of UV rays. The magnetic blinds offer a smart, convenient and affordable solution whether the passenger is traveling in a Toyota Land Cruiser or a full-size recreational vehicle. The company’s website provides the information necessary to select the right fit for any vehicle and is also able to manufacture custom paint shades to special order.

About the company:

snap shades offers a range of products to protect against UV rays while driving in the car. The Australia-based company developed its line of shade products to protect drivers and passengers from the sun’s harmful rays.


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