Casey Johnson beats William Sawalich on Father’s Day at the Milwaukee Mile

WEST ALLIS – Sure, the Milwaukee Mile has its problems.

In places it shows its age and is not used as often for its intended purpose.

On a day like Sunday, when the temperature hits 90 degrees, the idea of ​​spending the afternoon sitting on a slab of aluminum will test a lifelong fan’s will and keep marginal ones at bay.

Being part of the State Fair Park adds complications — parking isn’t always as easy as at a one-time use facility — though that may also have helped it stay there for as long as it is. Converting it into a distribution center or luxury apartments is not an option.

The Mile is very popular with the people who love it. But history has shown that it’s far easier for people to call themselves racing fans and crow about the need to keep history alive at the nation’s oldest speedway than it is to buy them tickets and go to an event appear.

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