“Charles Leclerc with a $100 million Ferrari in central London” – A Monegasque driver attended the Ferrari launch event with multi-million dollar cars

"Charles Leclerc with a $100 million Ferrari in central London"- Monegasque driver attending Ferrari launch event with several million dollar cars

Charles Leclerc attended a Ferrari launch event in London where a $100 million F1 car was on display on the streets.

Leclerc has been part of the Ferrari team for a very long time, having won the F2 championship as an academy member. He made his F1 debut in 2018 and spent a year at Sauber before Ferrari decided to promote him to the main spot.

Today he is known for being one of the best drivers in the field and this season he finds himself in the middle of a championship battle alongside Max Verstappen.

Back in 2019, the Monegasque was invited to London for the inauguration of a brand new one HR Owen Ferrari showroom. Team boss Mattia Binotto accompanied him at this event, which was a spectacle for fans of the Italian car manufacturer.

Before its opening, Ferrari decided to get involved in its promotion by displaying a variety of Ferrari cars along the street and in the adjacent square and park. It featured cars worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

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Charles Leclerc Ferrari F1 car on the streets of Central London

A real Formula 1 car parked on the street would be a sight to behold for any F1 fan. However, apart from the SF90, there were many other modern and vintage models. British YouTuber The TFJJ takes us on a tour along the street and square and shows the cars.

Just outside the showroom was the Ferrari GTE Evo that won the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans. There were other cars like the Ferrari F40 (worth over $7 million), a LaFerrari and an F12.

The video also features the 750 Monza, a legendary racing car. A 250 GTO owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was also on display. The value of this car was around 50 million dollars.

We see Leclerc appearing in a Ferrari for the promotional event at the end of the video. We also got to see the SF90, a Formula 1 car parked right in front of the showroom. It was truly a spectacle for any Ferrari fan living in the city.

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