Choose car insurance when you have a young driver learner’s license

When you have just obtained your driving license, you only want one thing: to keep it. But at a time when roadside checks are increasing, a loss of points – coupled with a suspension or even a cancellation of the license – cannot be ruled out. To anticipate the resulting costs, young drivers can, like others, add to their car insurance contract what is called a driving license guarantee. Focus on this complementary insurance.

What is driver’s license insurance and what are the benefits?

Also known as license points insurance, driver’s license insurance allows its subscriber to benefit from various guarantees, in addition to those conventionally included in his auto insurance contract. A basic package most often includes:

  • Support for the points recovery course;
  • The cost of towing the vehicle in the event of license withdrawal;
  • Payment of exam registration fees if you need to take your driving license again;
  • Telephone assistance (to draw up a report, obtain an itinerary or legal information, etc.).

You can also add optional and potentially useful guarantees, such as:

  • The search for a car without a license (after a license withdrawal);
  • Towing and breakdown assistance for the vehicle in the event of a fuel error, puncture or out of gas;
  • Legal protection;
  • Psychological assistance in the event of trauma resulting from a road accident.

Driving license insurance: what conditions?

Most often, to be able to take out this type of insurance, you must have more than 6 points on your driving licence. Very young drivers are therefore in principle excluded, at least for the first year after obtaining their driving licence.

As a reminder, at the start of their probationary period, young drivers have 6 points instead of 12. As the following table shows, each year, their capital of points is increased until the maximum number is reached. On condition, however, of not committing an offense resulting in a loss of points.

You are therefore theoretically eligible for this insurance from the end of the first year. This is good, since the Hamon law allows you to change car insurance at any time from the first anniversary date of your contract!

Good to know :

shortened deadlines in the event of additional training Young drivers undergoing additional training between the 6th and 12th month following obtaining their driving license acquire the 6 missing points (always subject to not having committed an offense resulting in a loss points): ° From the end of the 2nd probationary year if they have followed a traditional training (+2 points the 1st year, +4 points the 2nd year); ° From the end of the 1st probationary year if they have followed an accompanied driving course (+6 points, directly).

There are also warranty exclusions. These typically relate to:


  • The price of the points recovery course: it must not exceed a certain amount (around 240 €, generally);
  • Your motivations for taking this course: if you have been ordered by a court decision, the chances of obtaining reimbursement from your insurer are slim;
  • The price of the registration fees for the exams: the amount of reimbursement is capped;
  • Towing and roadside assistance: the costs related to parts and labor remain your responsibility.

How much does driving license insurance cost?

It is necessary to count on average between 30 and 70 € per year depending on the guarantees taken out, which is much less compared to a point recovery course, for example. Be careful, however, with driving license insurance at a knockdown price: they can hide more or less significant deductibles and/or be limited in terms of services. Read all the conditions carefully!

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