Could a McLaren SUV be on the way to challenge Ferrari and Lamborghini?

McLaren makes an off-road racer for the Extreme E series. Could a McLaren SUV take cues from this racer?

Ferrari shows it. Lamborghini did it. So does Aston Martin. All these supercar makers are now diving into making SUVs, so why not McLaren? McLaren has been making supercars since the 1980s and today makes several low, usually orange, hyper and supercars that draw crowds wherever they park. It is also a successful Formula 1 constructor. Internet detectives have been trying to find out if McLaren is working on an SUV for several months, and several strange-looking drawings have surfaced. The Urus is Lamborghini’s most successful model of all time, and many say the Cayenne saved Porsche 20 years ago. So what could a McLaren SUV look like?

Like Ferrari, McLaren is a racing company that makes road cars

Lando Norris from Great Britain at the wheel of the McLaren MCL36 | Formula 1 via Getty Images

At its core, McLaren is a racing company. Like Ferrari. It makes Formula 1 cars, Indy cars, and a wild Extreme E, EV, off-road racing car. These racing cars created a demand for car nerds who wanted roadworthy cars. While McLaren made some rare one-offs, it wasn’t really building steam until 2015. The company breaks them down into fast, faster and fastest with the 570 series cars, the 650 series and now the 720 series cars, and the ultimate cars like the P1 and the Senna. McLaren numbers reflect the metric horsepower of the cars.

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