Crédit Agricole launches a new offer

The damage insurance subsidiary of the French bank is launching an offer linked to the Eko program with LCL. Crédit Agricole wants this new product to strengthen its position on the insurance market.

The damage insurance subsidiary of Crdit Agricole will offer a new car insurance offer. Pacifica thus launches a special offer linked to the bank’s Eko device, also available from LCL under the name Primo, which guarantees body protection for the driver, up to 2 million euros, without intervention threshold and extended to all vehicles (insured, borrowed, rented, bicycle, etc.). Assistance with a mileage allowance of 25 km in the event of a breakdown is also included. The offer, available online and in Crdit Agricole and LCL branchesis announced for an attractive price but this is not specified in the bank’s press release.

Crédit Agricole wants this new product to strengthen its position on the insurance market. Among the other new features of the offer, drivers of vehicles in LOA and LLD (rental with option to purchase and long-term rental) can now benefit from compensation in purchase value for the entire duration of the rental and a participation in the costs of restoration at the end of the rental.

Customers traveling less than 7000 km per year are granted up to 10% discount.

The Eko car insurance offer from Crdit Agricole

  • Glass breakage without deductible,
  • Breakdown and towing from 0km and the loan of a vehicle up to 30 days of unavailability,
  • Reimbursement in purchase value for vehicles less than three years old, in the event of theft, destruction or irreparable vehicle,
  • The franchise gift for loyal non-damaged customers,
  • A preventive driving course offered for young drivers,
  • A price advantage for insured children,
  • Access to a fully digital customer journey with the possibility of subscribing 100% online, in order to meet customer expectations and facilitate their daily lives,
  • The Pacifica application, to consult your contract, access your insurance certificates, declare your claim and access prevention advice.
  • Access to a single claims manager allowing you to benefit from the best quality of service.

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Auto: stable rates in 2022

In 2022, auto insurance premiums are expected to increase moderately. Thus Maif has announced that it will freeze its prices again. And, if the insurers do not all follow the movement, the forecasts are between 0.5% and 1% at Facts & Figures. At the Addactis firm, it is estimated that the average increase will be 2% when Fabien Soccio, insurance expert at the broker Meilleurtaux, expects an increase of 1%. In 2021, the average effective increase was 0.2%.

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