Delivery times for a new car are getting longer

Even for those who can afford a new car in a situation where their price continues to increase, it will be necessary to wait a little. Indeed, in the face of crises, the automotive industry is forced to revise its production targets downwards. The time limit sometimes extend to several months.

Several months to have your Peugeot delivered

The crises do not seem ready to stop for the car market : shortage of semiconductors caused by the Covid-19 crisis, Russian-Ukrainian conflict causing factory closures, inflation on raw materials and breaks in supply chains… The automotive market is in great difficulty and its production has been greatly reduced. If you want to buy new, you will therefore have to wait 153 days on average.

At the house of Stellantis, which is experiencing a sharp drop in sales, the delays are clearly felt. On its online shopping site, Peugeot specifies that around 3,000 new vehicles are “immediately available”, including 479 Peugeot 208s which could be delivered 10 days after purchase. However, the deadlines vary according to the finishes. “Dealers have stocked the Allure Pack, for example, and the GT Pack will not be available before August,” explains Turbo Mickaël Marmottin, a salesman at Peugeot in the North.

And if you want to get a new 308, patience will be required. “We have to wait until October, with certain concessions on the part of the customer, flexibility on color, another standard of screen”, affirms the salesman. For the SUVit would take 18 weeks to make a 3008one of the brand’s best-sellers, “but we have a package of executive vehicles for sale, with a reduction in the purchase cost”, measures Mickaël Marmottin.


Same story at Renault

At Renault, there are only 5,000 new vehicles ready to be sold. Last November, the estimated delays were already “between 3 and 6 months”. And with the war in Ukraine, Renault sold its activities in Russia, its biggest foreign market with 500,000 cars sold in 2021.

Thus, the first models ofArkana were delivered during this month of May, while orders were placed during the last quarter of 2021. And for those who order now, it will have to wait until September to be delivered. Not enough to be able to buy a car before going on vacation, therefore. The Megane and the Clio are also affected by these significant delays. For the Clio, you will even have to wait until October, or even January 2023 for the Company version. same for me the Duster and the Sandero from Daciathe deadlines run until September.

Even longer lead times for foreign manufacturers

On the German side, the situation is almost worse. Some manufacturers have chosen not to take any more orders, their order books being already full. Volkswagen would have already recorded 650,000 orders while its annual production is only 400,000 cars. In France, the German manufacturer mobilizes 10,000 cars available for sale. But if we count 1,600 Polowe do not find more than a dozen Passat SW and only 2 Arteon Shooting Break. And in Germany, it is impossible to order a plug-in hybrid. Which could soon happen to us.

Finally, for the American Ford, the Puma will not be assembled until next year. To improve the availability of the Focus, Ford chose to override the GPS option during assembly. “But the Fiestas and Focuses ordered in July last year have not yet arrived…”, alleges a site manager.

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