Does it cost more to insure convertibles?

A BMW 507 roadster convertible model on display during an RM Sotheby

Imagine driving your dream car – and it happens to be a convertible! The top is down, the sun is shining, you’re driving on the Autobahn and life is good. The last thing on your mind is probably your car insurance rates. So why do convertibles cost more to insure? Let’s break it down.

Is the car insurance for a convertible higher?

An exhibited BMW 507 Cabriolet | John Keeble/Getty Images

Normally yes. The Facts About Insurance states: “With convertible bonds, the insurance is higher. Convertible insurance rates average $206 a month, which is 30% higher than the standard rate for a hardtop sedan.” Additionally, roadsters are more expensive to repair, so keep that in mind.

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