Each type of car has its car insurance!

Taking out car insurance is compulsory in order to be able to travel freely and legally in France. Faced with this, insurance companies are constantly multiplying and innovating their offers in order to best meet the needs of their customers. For motorists, this multitude of choices makes decision-making difficult. To avoid finding yourself without any insurance, the best solution is to choose the car insurance offer according to the type of your car and your budget.

Where can I find the best auto insurance deal?

The insurance offers are very numerous and varied depending on the model of car you own: car without a licence, car little used, classic car, collector’s car, etc. To simplify your search, you shoulduse a dedicated comparator. You can get more information on an online car insurance comparator, for example. This will save you considerable time and money. It is no longer necessary to make an appointment with the various insurance companies to find out what they offer.

On an online car insurance comparator, you can obtain relevant quotes, adapted to your needs and inexpensive in a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and indicate the type of insurance plan you are looking for. Do not forget to mention your contact information to receive official quotes by email.

In addition, you will have many filters at your disposal to refine your car insurance search. It is, for example, possible to define the budget, the additional services (replacement car, assistance in the event of breakdown or accident, etc.) and/or the guarantees you wish to benefit from. In addition to the estimate sent by email, you have the possibility of consult the details of each offer on the platform and compare them simultaneously using a dedicated button. Far from being a simple obligation, taking out car insurance, whatever the type of vehicle, is essential to protect against the risks incurred on the road.

Insurance for cars without a license

Like all motorized land vehicles, cars without a license must be registered and insured. The offers offered to golf carts are generally similar to conventional insurance contracts. Concretely, three options are available to you to insure a car without a license. The first is to take out liability insurance called third-party insurance. It essentially covers damage caused to others. Third-party plus insurance, on the other hand, includes additional guarantees such as coverage in the event of theft, fire or glass breakage. Of course, you can also opt for all-risk insurance.

It is also interesting toopt for optional guarantees to best protect themselves against the risks associated with the conduct of VSP. The driver’s guarantee is, for example, strongly recommended in this case. The cover includes costs relating to any bodily injury suffered in the event of an accident. Collision damage coverage is also useful. It covers repairs to the cart. Finally, there is the legal protection guarantee which allows you to enhance your rights in the event of disputes after the purchase, sale, repair or even the search of the car without a permit by the pound.

Regarding the price, different criteria come into play to determine it. In addition to rates specific to the insurance companythe profile of the driver, the formula chosen, the category and the characteristics of the VSP will be taken into account.

Insurance for lightly used cars

Car insurance is compulsory for all cars, even if they are little or not used at all. Third-party insurance is the solution most favored by motorists in this case, because of its economic side. it’s about the minimum coverage required by law since 1958.

Its coverage does not take into account the physical damage suffered. It is essentially limited to bodily, material and financial damage caused to third parties in the event of a responsible claim. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from adding additional guarantees to benefit from a broader protection. Car theft coverage, for example, allows you to be compensated in case of breakage, total or partial theft of the vehicle. The fire warranty covers repairs or destruction of the car in the event of mechanical or arson. As for the glass breakage guarantee, it amortizes the cost of repairs following damage to the glass elements of the car. You can also opt for a personal driver’s guarantee.

Insurance for classic cars

The choice of a classic car insurance offer will mainly depend on the condition of the latter. If it is a new vehicle, it is advisable to opt for comprehensive insurance. This is the most complete and extensive protection offer. Remember that the minimum insurance only covers damage caused to others, so you will not benefit from any coverage for material damage and bodily injury that you have suffered in the event of an accident. Faced with this scenario, it is essential to consider the fact that the amount of coverage following a claim is estimated according to the value of the vehicle under comprehensive insurance. In concrete terms, this means that the more recent the car, the higher the insurance compensation will be.

On the other hand, it is advisable to turn to an intermediary third-party insurance for a used car. As its name suggests, it is a third-party insurance combined with additional and essential guarantees for more extensive coverage. In addition to the civil liability guarantee, you can, for example, add a fire, theft, glass breakage or damage guarantee to the offer. In this way, you will benefit from a auto insurance tailored to your needs specific and your budget.

Collector car insurance

According to article R 311-1 of the Highway Code, cars are considered to be “collectible” if they are over 30 years old and no longer able to meet the technical requirements of modern models. As such, these vehicles must have a specific registration certificate provided by the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles known as FFVE.

To obtain it, you must provide certain information such as the make, model, year of registration, power, serial number, chassis number and seating positions of the vehicle. Other information must be attached to this information to complete the file: proof of identity, proof of address, two photos of the car, the old registration document and a check for payment of the card. To identify classic cars, insurance companies also take take into account the rarity of the model.

collectible car insurance

To insure a classic car, you have the choice between classic contracts and an offer dedicated to this type of vehicle. Classic car insurance is particularly interesting, because insurers know that owners of this type of car take special care of it. In addition to servicing and maintaining their car regularly, they take no risks when they drive. This considerably reduces the risk of loss and, at the same time, the insurance premium. In addition, the car will be reimbursed according to the official collector’s mark in case of calamity.

Nevertheless, it is important to tell the insurance company the value of the vehicle according to the repairs carried out in order to benefit from a fair evaluation. As you will have understood, it is strongly advised to choose an insurance adapted to your car model.

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