Electric cars: which insurance to choose?

Souscrire à une assurance auto est obligatoire pour tous les véhicules, électriques et hybrides compris. © Mike, Pexels

After a slow start, the electric car sector has been booming in recent months. The reason ? Attractive purchase bonuses and the desire to move towards a more environmentally friendly solution.

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From 2035, the sale of diesel or petrol vehicles will be prohibited in the European Union. Autonomy, cost, ecology… Are electric cars really competitive?

Many French people use daily their vehicle and some more rural areas require the use of the car to get around. What are the challenges of electric models? And what about insurance?

The deployment of “clean” vehicles

One could legitimately wonder about the importance of democratizing the purchase and use of electric cars. The challenges are many and include, among others:

  • reduce discharges of greenhouse gas and especially in town;
  • reduce dependence on fossil fuels ;
  • mitigate Pollution in urban areas and improve the quality ofair ;
  • decarbonize the sector transportation and participate in the fight against global warming.

So many reasons to stimulate sales and communicate on the beneficial effects of driving without fuel. In this regard, the sale of electric vehicles and hybrids is on the rise: +146% for fully electric models and +143% for hybrid versions according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Once the car is purchased, the question of insurance arises

Taking out auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, including electric and hybrid. The objective is to cover your vehicle, to protect you as a driver but also to protect others.

compare electric vehicle insurance

Requesting a quote from several insurance companies takes time and requires repeating the same information each time. By going through a car insurance comparator, you get on a single page all the results that may correspond to your request and your profile. You will then find that, for the equivalent with your thermal car current situation, you will certainly pay less monthly for an electric model.

Because yes, statistically electric cars have lessaccidents since the journeys are shorter for questions of autonomy. Results: more breaks, less fatigue and less recklessness. The uses are therefore different and this is reflected in the amount of the car insurance quote. It should be noted, however, that there are no specific contracts for these “clean” vehicles. The value of the car, its use and the profile of the driver remain the main criteria on the quotes.

Otherwise, battery being the most complex and expensive element of electric cars, it must be the subject of special attention for insurance. Because indeed, if you choose a model with a battery rental contract included, it will be essential to choose an insurance policy that covers you in the event of damage to the battery!

A bonus to encourage the switch to electric

Finally, be aware that the €6,000 bonus granted for the purchase of an electric vehicle has been extended by 6 months, bringing the deadline to 1er July 2022. A reduction of €1,000 was initially planned for 1er January 2022. As a reminder, this bonus is granted on the condition of buying a vehicle whose price does not exceed €45,000.

The acquisition of an electric car echoes a desire to reduce the harmful effects of driving on the environment but also to make some savings by reducing costs. Thanks to the car insurance comparator, you can also find a cheaper solution to insure your vehicle and therefore reach a break-even point more quickly!

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