Electric scooters: compulsory insurance

Private owners of electric scooters, Segways or other motorized personal transport devices (EDPM) must be insured with a civil liability guarantee. Like the owners of cars, motorcycles or scooters.

To ride an electric scooter, civil liability insurance is mandatory. It is necessary to take out a specific contract with your insurer.

Electric scooters and other vehicles covered by the insurance obligation

The motorized personal transport vehicles (EDPM), also called New Individual Electric Vehicles (NVEI): electric scooter, gyroroue, Segway (Segway) or even hoverboard and electric skateboard… must be insured.

EPDMs fall into the category of motor land vehiclessuch as cars or motorcycles, for which there is a liability insurance obligation (article L211-1 of the Insurance Code).

The civil liability guarantee makes it possible to cover damage you cause to others by riding on the electric scooter (or other EDPM): you injure a pedestrian or a cyclist, you damage a car…

Use a electric scooter or other uninsured motor vehicle or machine is a misdemeanor. In the absence of insurance, you expose yourself to a fine (up to €3,750), or even the suspension or cancellation of the driving license (article L324-2 of the Highway Code).

Electrically assisted bicycle and electric bicycle: what insurance obligation?

It all depends on the type of bike. The electrically assisted bicycle is not an EDPM. It is necessary to pedal to move forward, the electric motor not being sufficient to move forward. Not being considered as a land motor vehicle, it is not subject to the insurance obligation.

The electric bikewhich can travel beyond 25 km/h, is assimilated to a moped subject to compulsory insurance.

The driver of an electric scooter must take out a specific contract of civil liability insurance

You have to take out a separate contract from your other insurance contracts to cover your civil liability arising from the use of a motorized land vehicle. You can contact your insurer, who already guarantees your home or car, or you can approach another insurer.

Multi-risk home insurance does not cover your civil liability for damage caused by motorized land vehiclessubject to the insurance obligation, whether it is a car, a scooter, a motorcycle or an electric scooter.

A non-electric scooter is not subject to compulsory insurance like land motor vehicles. Your civil liability will be covered by your home insurance contract or by a civil liability insurance contract. Check that driving scooters or other personal mobility devices is not excluded from guarantees.

Theft, breakage, injury on an electric scooter: additional guarantees to take out

Neither material damage (theft, breakage, breakage of the scooter in the event of an accident, etc.) nor injuries you have suffered in the event of a fall or other accident are covered by liability insuranceobligatory.

To be insured against these risks, you must opt ​​for additional guarantees, which can be offered in more extensive formulas:

  • Collision damage, theft, fire and other damage coverage… (for all material damage caused to the electric scooter),
  • The driver’s personal guarantee or individual accident guarantee (to guarantee the bodily injury to the driver, whether or not responsible for the accident).

What is the risk of the driver of an electric scooter who is not insured and who injures a pedestrian?

In the case where you hit and injure a pedestrian, or you damage a vehiclewhile riding your electric scooter, and that you are not insured, you must fully compensate the injured persons and take charge of the material damage.

It is the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO), which intervened to compensate the victim, which will claim reimbursement of these sums to which are added interest at the legal rate and recovery costs, plus the payment of a contribution to the FGAO, up to 10% of the indemnities payable by it.

You are the victim of a traffic accident with an uninsured scooter driver. You can file a claim for compensation with the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund, by completing the online compensation form to which it is necessary to attach the requested supporting documents.

What insurance for self-service electric scooters?

Before leaving with the rented scooter, check in the rental contract that your civil liability, in the event of damage caused to third parties (pedestrian, vehicle, etc.), is covered by the insurance contract taken out by the rental company. You must be able to easily access this information from the home page of the rental company’s website.

Insurance can be a chance

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