EU in favor of stopping sales in 2035

Fin voiture thermique : députés européens favorables arrêt ventes de voitures neuves en 2035

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Fewer and fewer thermal cars from 2035? This is the idea that will probably have to be taken if we are to believe the agreement reached on Wednesday June 8 between the deputies of the different member countries of the European Union (EU) in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Having already begun its transformation, the car market will have to accelerate it since new internal combustion vehicles, whether petrol or diesel, should no longer be sold by the various car manufacturers.

The new home market as we know it today will not be the same in about ten years: the MEPs, who met in Strasbourg (Grand Est) agreed on new regulations about buying petrol, diesel and hybrid carsafter lengthy debates during which they strongly opposed. Representatives of pro-environment NGOs and car manufacturers also had their say, each party wanting to make the other listen to reason.

It is finally the will to reach the carbon neutral by 2050 who won it. And to do this, the Old Contains, which wishes to be the first to achieve this ambitious objective, will tackle reduce CO2 emissions from new cars by 100%.

This is a relief for MEPs in favor of this ” revolution “. Relief shared by Karima Delli, President of the Transport Committee in the European Parliament and Member of the European Parliamentwho confided in West France the importance of such a transition: ” It’s urgent. The latest IPCC report gives us less than three years to reduce our CO2 emissions. It is a collective responsibility. »

It should be noted, however, that it will still be possible to drive a thermal vehicle after 2035. Only the sale of new petrol or diesel vehicles will become prohibited in thirteen years. It will therefore be quite possible to acquire a vehicle from the new market and drive with the years that follow. The sale of second-hand thermal cars is not affected by this potential measure which does not yet mark the end of the thermal car in Europe.

Nothing definitive, but a battle already well underway

To meet this major challenge for manufacturers, a fund should be made available to them so that the various players involved in the automotive industry can provide themselves with the means to ensure this transition, particularly on the social side.

Luc Chatel, president of the Automotive Platform (PFA) and former minister between 2007 and 2012 in particular pointed the finger at the microphone of Franceinfo the hypothesis according to which “there are no consumers at the rendezvous” by the said deadline, in a scenario of the ” worse “ where “the automotive industry and European states have spent hundreds of billions of euros”. He further recalls thatin 2030it should seven million charging stations in Europethat means about a million in France and we are at 60,000. For large departures, it would be necessary 70 ultra-fast charging stations per service station on the highway. We are very far from it”.

But nothing is done yet and this is an element that will have to be (still) discussed in the context of new exchanges between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (bringing together the 27 member countries of the organization). If nothing is done and the end of the thermal car is not for now, the tendency is to ratify this measure, the arguments of which were already considered relevant even before the discussions which took place this week.

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