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After buying a car, it is mandatory to take out insurance in order to be able to drive legally on public roads. Civil liability or third-party insurance is for this purpose the minimum legal guarantee for any car. What is it about ? Point.

Compulsory insurance

Civil liability is the only mandatory guarantee in France. This type of cover is thus opposed to so-called contracts “to the extended third” Where ” all risks “, which are therefore optional but cover more possible damage. Civil liability is therefore included in all auto insurance contracts since February 1958, in accordance with article L211-1 of the Insurance Code and article L324-1 of the Highway Code.

Before even finalizing the purchase of a carit is obligatory to take out at least this insurance under penalty of punishment. Indeed, not having civil liability insurance constitutes an offense. Driving an uninsured car is punishable by a fine of €3,750. Note that the latter can be reduced if and only if you commit this offense for the first time. The fine then increases to 750 € and can even go down to 600 € subject to you promptly paying your fixed fine.

Furthermore, if you are responsible for a claim and you are in default of insurance, all costs will be borne by you. Not to mention the fact that in the event of legal proceedings, the driving license can also be suspended or even canceled, in addition to a confiscation of the car.

What does the civil liability guarantee cover?

The civil liability guarantee covers the insured bodily injury and material damage that his car may cause to others. These include:

  • passengers in the car responsible for the accident
  • owners whose property has been damaged such as another vehicle for example
  • other users such as pedestrians, other drivers, cyclists, etc.

Good to know, if you have an accident driving a car other than your own, for example in the event of a loan, you will still be covered for any damage you may cause to a third party. However, during the compensation procedure, the insurer is entitled to turn against you to obtain reimbursement of the costs.

How much does liability coverage cost?

Third-party insurance may vary according to different parameters. Among the variables taken into account, we find in the first place the model of the insured car. Indeed the finish, the vintage without forgetting the fiscal power are determining elements in the calculation of the insurance premium.

Added to this is the way it is used. Mean by this whether the car is insured for travel in a strictly private setting, for home-work use, or both. It is even possible to insure your car in relation to your profession (taxi or VTC for example). Capital information that adds a variable to the monthly, half-yearly or annual cost of your insurance.

Finally, the driver profile is the last big point of your insurance premium. Driving history (claims), geographical location (place of residence and garage of the vehicle) or even age have a direct impact on the price list.

A tip for choosing your insurance: compare prices online via specialized sites or by obtaining quotes. The best way to get proper insurance at the right price.

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