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The FIA ​​and ACO have confirmed their future GT class structure in the World Endurance Championship, announcing a single pro-am enforced class that will debut in 2024 with modifications from GT3 regulations.

The name of the GT3-based category, which has not yet been finalized, will become the new flagship production class in the WEC, replacing GTE, which will run under the name GTE-Am until the end of the 2023 season.

GTE-Pro, on the other hand, will be phased out by the end of this year.

The switch from GTE to GT3 was originally announced at last year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, although further details were only confirmed on Friday.

Items announced during the ACO press conference include a kit for GT3 cars called “GT3 Premium” and the use of commercial tires for the class.

According to Richard Mille, President of the FIA ​​Endurance Commission, the kit, which aims to give each GT3 model a “special look”, will be limited to €50,000-100,000 ($53,000-$106,000) and will only include aero changes.

The kits, which will be mandatory for any GT3 manufacturer wishing to compete in the class, will be easily reversible, allowing teams to switch between FIA GT3 specification and WEC trim.

“The base is GT3 but we want some upgrades in terms of looks,” Mille told Sportscar365. “It’s going to be a kit that comes with the cost cap.

“The goal is for us to fully focus on reducing costs.

“We really need today, even if we talk about things, in GTE today we have very wealthy amateurs. But it is no reason to bear the costs in the future.

“We have drastically reduced costs at Hypercar. I think the success is there because we proved that you can drive in the WEC and at Le Mans with reasonable budgets.

“With GT3 it’s exactly the same approach. But of course it must be entirely dedicated to amateurs. We don’t want any factory or government entries.

“It’s built into this business model. The opportunity for [manufacturers] Selling cars to private teams.”

Along with confirming that factory teams like Corvette Racing will not be allowed to compete, Mille pointed out that every lineup must include at least one bronze-rated driver, similar to GTE-Am.

He said the class will likely be called “LM GT” to distinguish it from the base GT3 platform.

ACO President Pierre Fillon added that the “premium kit” is not there to improve the car’s performance.

“[It’s] just to have bodywork [lets] You know this is bodywork for endurance,” he said.

“These are just details because the driver wants a premium product.

“This is bodywork, it will be easy to erase the difference with the normal GT3. You can compete in all GT3 championships in the world with all cars.”

Daniel Lloyd contributed to this report

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