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The insured is not the only one who can terminate his insurance contract. The insurer can also cancel his client if he considers that the latter presents an “aggravated risk”. This is particularly the case when several claims occur during the same year, when the contribution is not paid or when the license is withdrawn.

What auto insurance after termination of the insurer?

The driver terminated by his insurer is registered in the file of Agira, the Association for the management of information on risk in insurance. It’s not easy to find a Car Insurance: insurers will prefer to spare themselves a customer who is a bad driver or a bad payer. Here are some tips from our partner, an insurance expert.

How to avoid being declared a terminated driver?

The risky driver has two methods to avoid termination.

First possibility: negotiate an amicable termination with his insurance company, that is to say take the initiative of the termination. In this case, no mention will be made on the information statement or the Agira file. To find a solution, it is sometimes useful to appeal to the insurance mediator, whose contact details appear in the insurance contract.

Second option: reduce the number of claims reported to the insurer. Two glass breakages in the year may be enough for termination. Not using the insurance for a small claim can therefore be a solution. Certainly, the repair falls to the insured. But the cost is much lower than the subscription of a new special insurance “cancelled”, whose premiums are much more expensive.

How to find auto insurance after being terminated?

The main problem facing the terminated driver? most insurance companies exclude “terminated company” drivers from their underwriting conditions. The only solution is then to turn to the specific insurance named “high risk car insurance” Where “car insurance for terminated or impaired driver “.

The contributions of these adapted contracts are much higher than in conventional contracts, in particular because of the additional premium due to the malus. To find an affordable premium, you have to wait two years without a responsible claim. The cancellation of the malus then makes it possible to resume a Car Insuranceunder normal conditions.


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