Find the best car insurance in France

Car insurance being compulsory in France, you might as well choose the best formula! Focus on the tips for finding the most suitable offer.

The best insurance according to the profile

The best car insurance varies according to the profile of the driver and his vehicle. Indeed, the formulas are adapted according to the driving style, the age of the license, the type of car (new or used)…

This formula covers civil liability in the event of an accident at fault and corresponds to the legal minimum. It is more suitable for old vehicles, used, with high mileage or often left in the garage. Third-party insurance is also aimed at drivers wishing to make savings on their contributions.

  • Third-party insurance plus

This intermediate formula offers more comprehensive coverage than third-party insurance while remaining less expensive than all-risk insurance. In addition to civil liability, the driver benefits from compensation in the event of glass breakage, theft or fire. These optional guarantees are necessary when it is impossible to park the car in a garage. They also allow drivers of mid-value vehicles to be well covered without spending a fortune.

  • All risk insurance

This type of insurance contract covers most damages suffered by the insured and those caused to a third party. Each guarantee offered may nevertheless be accompanied by a deductible. All-risk insurance is preferred for high-value vehicles (recent models or collector cars).

Note that some companies offer specialized insurance for high-risk profiles such as:

  • young drivers;
  • Harassed drivers;
  • Drivers terminated following a default in payment or a false declaration, for example.

The infallible trick to find the best car insurance in France

The golden rule is to compare the offers available before taking out an auto insurance contract. To do this, simply ask for quotes from several companies, then compare them. Here are the criteria to use:

  • The amount of contributions;
  • Guarantees included;
  • Optional guarantees;
  • Warranty exclusions;
  • The amount of deductibles;
  • The compensation limit…

To save time, it is also possible to use an insurance broker.

Ranking of car insurance by turnover

here is the top 10 of the best car insurance in France in terms of turnover:

  1. Covéa (MAAF, MMA, GMF);
  2. Macif Group;
  3. Axa;
  4. Groupama Group;
  5. MAIF Group;
  6. Allianz France;
  7. Credit Agricole Insurance;
  8. Matmut Group;
  9. Crédit Mutuel Insurance Group;
  10. Generali France.

Top 10 of the favorite car insurance of the French

In addition to turnover, the number of customers is one of the criteria for comparing the insurance companies available in France. Here is an overview of the ranking of the favorite insurers of the French:

  1. Covéa (MAAF, MMA, GMF);
  2. Axa;
  3. Macif Group;
  4. Groupama Group;
  5. Allianz France;
  6. MAIF Group;
  7. Credit Agricole Insurance;
  8. Generali France;
  9. Crédit Mutuel Insurance Group;
  10. Matmut group.

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