First group purchase of home insurance in France

The Familles de France consumer association and the Selectra site are launching online registration to participate in the first group purchase of home insurance in France.

A year ago, the first group purchase of a mutual health

A little over a year ago, the consumer association Families of France launched, alongside the comparator Selectra, the first group subscription of a mutual health insurance. This collective membership method had two advantages: it made it possible to negotiate, by force of numbers, more attractive rates, but also to smooth the risk between different household profiles.

Thus, the 22,000 individuals who subscribed to this offer were able to benefit from the same contribution, which represented an average saving of 28% compared to their previous health mutual. It must be said that the complementary organization that won the “call for tenders”Kovers, could boast of a strong redistribution to its members (80% of the contributions are paid back in healthcare reimbursements).

A year ago, this innovative solution proved to be particularly interesting in a context of fear of an increase in the prices of mutual health insurance. The government had just imposed a Covid tax of 1.5 billion euros on complementaryand pandemic-related costs were mounting.

This year, while upward pressures still exist in health, fear is also mounting in home insurance. The inflation of the price of this policy does indeed seem to be a trend: in ten years, the price has risen by 34% (i.e. an increase of more than 60 euros per year). More recently, the upsurge and intensity of natural disasters have also raised fears of an increase in taxes on housing insurance, to support the “Cat Nat” solidarity scheme.


An initiative already taken at the municipal level

It is for this reason that the Families of France association is relaunching a group purchase, this time for MRH insurance, at the end of the year. To participate and have a chance to join the collective offer, it is possible to register online without engagement.

According to the same principle, a similar initiative was recently taken by the Paris City Hall, in particular to cover the many uninsured tenants due to excessively high rates, despite the legal obligation to do so. To be eligible, you will have to prove an income of less than 2,000 euros net per month for a single person, less than 3,300 euros for a couple, and 4,300 euros or a family with two children.

A model already tested in two border towns of Nantes: Rezé and Saint-Herblain, whose residents gathered together had taken out insurance with two mutual insurers, the MAE and Groupama, for a cost of 120 euros and 83 euros per year.

Finally, be aware that if you want to save on your home insurance without joining a group insurance, all you have to do is request a free quote.

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