Flitter, new car insurance in the insurtech landscape

A new French insurtech, Flitter, intends to revolutionize car insurance for use, by addressing in particular small riders. Its online and connected offer could save up to 250 euros per year.

Fourth fundraising of the year for a French insurtech

The young French insurance companies are doing well. We recently mentioned the European development of Luko, which has just acquired a large German insurtech. Over the whole of 2021, the cumulative fundraising of all our neo-insurances exceeds the 600 million eurosi.e. at least three times more than in 2020.

However, the good health of an environment is not measured only by the performance of its most “old” (Luko is only five years old); the ecosystem must also continue to allow new initiatives to emerge.

Among them, a brand new auto insurtech is launched today, called Flitter. She can count on a first fundraising of 2.5 million euros led by the Global Founders Capital fund and Xavier Niel, founder of Free.

At the beginning of Flitter, there is also a clear and topical observation: in France, one insured in two drives less than 10,000 kilometers per year and overpays his car insurance. It is to these “little rollers” that insurtech wishes to address, with a car insurance offer per kilometer, which promises them a average savings of 250 euros per year.


A formula adapted to new forms of mobility

A type formula “pay when you drive” which seems to be in tune with the times. Since the start of the pandemic, some policyholders have used their car less frequently than before, especially in large cities. Conversely, the use of “active” modes of travel is on the rise, particularly cycling, but also the NVEI.

“The health crisis and the generalization of telework have disrupted our lifestyles and our mobility. Traditional insurers have failed to adapt to these changes. Today, an insured pays the same price whether he drives 2,000 or 20,000 km, while his risk is divided by 3. We want to offer a model that is fairer and more suited to our new modes of mobility. », confirms Jérémy Steinberg, CEO of Flitter.

To adapt his auto insurance premium to his use, the principle of Flitter is simple: when he subscribes, the insured chooses a package, with a mileage not to be exceeded. But he had to modify it during the year and change its cover according to his needs.

The insurtech also wishes to rely on a significant technological component, in particular via an application to which the insured’s car is connected. It of course allows real-time mileage tracking, but should also offer several services developed by the insurer in the future (remote location of the vehicle, alert in the event of attempted theft, etc.).

With this offer, which is launched today, Flitter joins three insurtechs which have previously shared the neo-insurance auto market: Leocare, Lovys and Wilov. To understand everything about these new insurances, do not hesitate to consult our comparison.

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