GTA Online Prize Drive and Podium Car for June 16th, 2022

Grotti cars are all the rage this week (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has brought another weekly update and this time there are plenty of vehicle discounts. There’s also a free Armored Kuruma up for grabs for newer players to claim. While the Podium Vehicle and Prize Ride aren’t unique, they are respectable cars that collectors would love to own.

The Grotti Turismo Classic is the prize ride, while the Grotti Turismo R is this week’s podium car. This week of events runs from June 16th to June 22nd, 2022, which means players have a very limited time to get the Turismo Classic.

GTA Online features two popular Grotti sports cars as Podium and Prize Rides

Podium: Turismo RPrize Ride: Turismo Classic (Top 5 in Car Meet Races, 4 days in a row) 2x GTA$ & RP on Special Cargo- Sumo Remix- Top Fun Simeon Missions 1.5x GTA$ & RP on Vehicle CargoFree- Armored Kuruma -Vehicle Armor-Bulletproof TiresCredit: gvaghasiya02#GTAOnline

As of last week, Rockstar appears to be pursuing a theme based on specific automakers. Dewbauchee and Överflöd were last week’s featured brands, and this week it’s Grotti. The Prize Ride, Podium Vehicle, Test Track Vehicles and a range of discounted cars are all Grotti models in the latest update of GTA Online.

Prize ride – Grotti Turismo Classic

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The design inspiration of the Turismo Classic is unmistakable. It’s a nostalgic design inspired by iconic Ferrari cars from the 80’s like the F40, F50, 348 and Testarossa. It’s also quite similar to GTA San Andreas’ Turismo, which is heavily based on the F40.

The Turismo Classic has excellent acceleration and a high top speed. The car’s handling is exceptional for its class, with plenty of downforce and precise cornering.

The brakes are not as good as the regular Sports and Supers cars, but more than adequate compared to the Classic Sports. The car’s fault lies in its small turning radius and tendency to spin. In terms of lap times, it is the second-fastest classic sport after the Toreador.

Platform vehicle – Grotti Turismo R

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The Turismo R has a modern design that is heavily influenced by the LaFerrari. It’s a hybrid-electric hypercar, just like its real-life inspiration. Other cars that inspired the design are the Trion Nemesis, the GTA Spano and the McLaren P1.

There was a point where the Turismo R was one of the fastest superclass cars in the game. Right now it’s perfect for city cruising but not for racing. The car’s acceleration is excellent and wheel spin is moderate.

The Turismo R can be damaged fairly easily, with the hood falling off after a few falls, especially at high speeds. This car is available for free to all players who have purchased the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Test drive vehicles and other details

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All test track vehicles this week are Grotti models. These include the Furia, the Itali RSX and the X80 Proto. One discounted vehicle to look forward to is the Karin Previon, one of the best tuner cars in GTA Online. Also this week there is a free Armored Kuruma for all players who log into the game.

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