Hackers take control of cars via Bluetooth

Modern cars are known to be very secure. But a cybersecurity company managed to “hacker” a Tesla. The vehicle’s keyless entry system may have been hacked via bluetooth. To protect against this risk, nothing beats good car insurance!

The electronics of recent cars have flaws

The current cars have nothing to do with the cars of yesteryear. Electronics, safety devices, emissions control, assisted driving… You could even say that modern cars are big computers on wheels. Consequence: they have taken in size, weight and price.

But this is not the only effect of these developments in the automotive world. If current cars seem very secure, there are new flaws due to all electronics and the connected car. We have already heard of hackers managing to start such vehicles remotely. the DS7 SUV for example was one of the most stolen cars with the technique of “mouse jacking”.

This kind of hacks is not just the prerogative of malicious hackers. Indeed, the Car manufacturers and some specialized companies relentlessly test the security systems of these vehicles to discover flaws.


A cybersecurity specialist “hacks” a Tesla

In a recent study conducted by NCC Group, a cybersecuritysuch a fault was found on a You’re here. Sultan Qasin Khan, the company’s chief security consultant, managed to unlock the doors of a Tesla.

As a reminder, Elon Musk’s brand cars open with a keyless system. The handles are “encased” in the door and only come out to allow the opening of the vehicle when its owner gives the order, at least theoretically. Here, Sultan Qasin Khan has redirected the communication enabling door unlocking between a smartphone and the car. The car’s algorithms then judge that the driver is actually close to the vehicle, without this being the case.

But this flaw does not only concern Tesla vehicles. The cybersecurity expert indicates that this problem is recurrent in all vehicles equipped with a transmission protocol Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

For the moment, Tesla has not reacted to the study and there are no reports of vehicle theft brand via this method. But the manufacturer is known for its responsiveness to such problems. Updates could therefore arrive in stride.

Good car insurance to protect against theft

Faced with these new challenges for the automobile, it is difficult to predict whether your vehicle is really secure or not. Especially since it is common for new flaws to be found by more or less well-meaning people.

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