Hailed vehicles in Vichy (Allier), what are the policyholder’s options?

Véhicules grêlés à Vichy (Allier), quelles sont les options de l

While many cars bear the traces of the hailstorm that occurred in the Vichy basin two weeks ago, local auto experts and others from all over France come to see the damage at bodybuilders and mechanics, in order to quantify the amounts of damage suffered.

Repairable economically or not

In the event that a vehicle is considered “economically repairable” by the expert commissioned by the insurance, work may begin with a professional depending, of course, on the deadlines. If the amount of the repairs exceeds the market value of the item (that corresponding to the second-hand market depending on the year the vehicle was put into circulation, its mileage and its general condition), it will be classified as “not economically repairable.

After the hailstorm, experts dispatched to Vichy (Allier) to assess the damage to the vehicles

In this case, either the owner agrees to transfer his vehicle to his insurance company in return for payment of the sum fixed by the expert and the vehicle will be scrapped, or the insured refuses the transfer and keeps the damaged vehicle. It will be able to circulate after replacement of the broken windows. On the other hand, the vehicle can no longer be sold, because it will be pledged in the prefecture.

Salvage value

“The insurer will grant compensation as in the first case, explains Youness Dkhissi, expert at the firm BCA Expertise missioned in Allier this week to assess damaged vehicles. However, he will deduct the salvage value. It corresponds on average to 25% of the value of the vehicle, according to the company. »

Hail in Vichy (Allier): the guinguettes rather spared, the campsites more affected

In the event of a new claim, it is this salvage value that will be taken into account by the insurance. Thus, a vehicle that cannot be repaired economically, the market value of which has been estimated at €10,000 will have a salvage value of around €2,500. “The owner will get €7,500 in compensation and, if a new claim occurs, the value of the vehicle will be €2,500”, specifies the expert.

Repair at any cost?

If the owner wants to have his vehicle repaired at all costs, he can do so with an expert follow-up. “The insurance will stop at €10,000 for repair costs and the excess work will be borne by the insured. When the vehicle is brought back into compliance, it will be able to drive again. There will then be no more pledge in the prefecture. “The owner has a choice,” says the expert. In any case, the vehicle belongs to him. He decides what he wants to do with it. »

Finally, if the insured does not agree with the expert’s assessment, he can request a counter-assessment at his own expense.

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