How do you choose the car insurance that’s right for you?

When you choose the formula of your car insurance, it is essential that it meets your needs and that it corresponds to your profile.

What insurance for drivers who drive little?

Your auto insurance plan should match your driving habits. If you do not drive long distances, auto kilometer insurance is the most economical formula and the most suitable for your profile. You can take out this insurance for your second car.

Taking out auto mileage insurance costs less if you drive little. You will save up to 30% of the price of conventional insurance. An electronic box is installed in your vehicle to count the distance you travel.

The right insurance for young drivers

If you’ve only had your driver’s license for less than a year and you’ve never taken out car insurance, you qualify as a young driver. Ornikar offers its young driver insurance, generally the rate applied to this category of person is higher, because young drivers are more often involved in road accidents.

In order not to pay too much for your insurance, you can declare yourself as a secondary driver. The contract will then be drawn up in the name of one of your relatives. If you would like to take out insurance in your name, it is recommended that you take out third-party car insurance.

What insurance should be taken out for a terminated driver?

A terminated driver is a person who has had their license revoked. You are also considered terminated if your insurer has terminated your contract due to a high number of claims or if you have not paid your premiums.

If you meet this profile, the insurance companies will cover you on condition that you increase the rate. The amount of this increase depends on the reason for your termination. In order not to blow up your car budget, it is advisable to take out third-party car insurance.

Buying your car insurance online: the steps

In order not to waste time making an appointment with an insurer, you can opt for online subscription for your car insurance. At Ornikar, you get a quote and customize your formula in just a few clicks.

To get an estimate, simply select the brand of your vehicle on the platform. The site guides you through the next steps until you get your rate. It is important to note that customer service is available to advise you from Monday to Saturday. With Ornikar, you can choose the guarantees you need and find out about the prices of your personalized offer.

Once you are satisfied with the estimates, you can directly validate your estimate and pay your insurance online. Thus, you will be insured for the coming month.

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