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Starting July 1st, players can enter the new era of Formula 1 in EA Sports F1 22, the official video game of the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Featuring the sport’s stunning new cars, F1 22 delivers a new handling model that emulates the intense wheel-to-wheel racing that has kept us in suspense so far in the 2022 Formula 1 season.

Players can also test their driving skills between the iconic Florida palms around the 19 challenging corners of the vibrant new Miami International Autodrome and go flat out when F1 Sprint comes into play for the first time. New race options give players more control over their virtual race day, with the ability to choose between immersive broadcast-style formation laps, safety car periods and pit stops. Get a taste of the glitz and glamor of Formula 1 in F1 Life, a new place to unlock supercars, apparel, accessories and more to show off to the world.

The main new additions to the PS5 controller are the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in F1 22. Find out more about some of the PS5 features below.

haptic feedback

Leveraging the haptics of the PS5 DualSense controller, the feel of collisions and surfaces has been greatly improved. It gives the ability to communicate individual chunks of surface debris and creates a far more immersive experience to represent the car on a specific part of the track. First of all, the sensation can be localized to the left or to the right. A great example of this is when only the left wheels of the player’s car are aggressively driven over a curb, the feedback is felt solely through the left side of the controller, adding to the realism.

DualSense controller speaker

Using the PS5 DualSense controller speaker, the player can hear their race engineer guide them through a session, providing vital information and track data en route to pole position or that all-important podium. Hear key HUD information through the controller speaker, leaving your main audio mix clean and free of distractions the way a race should be heard.

Adaptive triggers

For PS5, the adaptive triggers are used by attaching the amount of resistance directly to the slip ratios of the tires. This means if your car “locks up” under braking, the resistance from the brake trigger increases, resulting in a more immersive connection with the car. Likewise, when the wheels spin, the resistance of the throttle lever is increased. A subtle difference in the quiescent resistance of the gas and brake actuators was also applied to simulate the difference in pressure required to fully depress the brake compared to the gas pedal in a real F1 car.

See you on the track!

F1 22 launches worldwide on PlayStation 5 on July 1. Players can pre-order the digital-only F1 22 Champions Edition for three-day early access and additional content:

  • New My Team Icons – Jacques Villeneuve, Mark Webber and Nico Hulkenberg
  • X2 Driven Safety Cars – the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and the Aston Martin Vantage for use in time trials
  • 18,000 PitCoins
  • Dual Entitlement Upgrade, upgrade your copy to PlayStation 5 at no additional cost.
  • F1 Life Starter Pack: Make your space your own with in-game items such as furniture including wall art and a player t-shirt.
  • F1 22 New Era Content: Car Livery, Suit, Helmet, Cap, T-Shirt (for F1 Life) inspired by the stunning New Era 2022 Official Formula 1 Car.

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