How to choose the ideal Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is essential for driving on public roads. How to choose the best one? The Auto-Journal explains everything to you.

Car insurance: the different formulas

In order to roll freely and legallya vehicle must be assured. In the event of an accident, car insurance covers (in part or in full) the damage received and/or caused. This is one of the essential documents for driving, along with the driving license and the registration certificate. It is important to note that for it to be valid, car insurance must be up to date.

There are 3 types of car insurance:

L’third party car insurance compensates damage caused to a third party in the event of an accident. This is about insurance ” public liability “. This is the mandatory minimum coverage.

L’intermediate car insurance is a basic third-party insurance to which additional guarantees are added (against theft, glass breakage, etc.).

L’comprehensive car insurance is the one who offers the maximum protection. In the event of a claim, it covers you completely (responsible or not), for a vehicle that is stationary or in circulation. You are also covered if you are the victim of theft or natural disaster.

To know all the details of an insurance before subscribing, it is advisable to simulate your car insurance.

Car insurance simulation

Taking out car insurance can be expensive. In addition, the cost of car insurance premiums continues to increase each year. Keeping the right insurance for a car or yourself can be difficult. To better manage your budget and determine the appropriate car insurance, consider simulate your future car insurance.

Thanks to an auto insurance simulation, you will get a full quote where all the details will be listed. It is important to note that the use of an auto insurance simulator for a quote is totally free and without obligation.

The car insurance simulation is a simple operation. The information to be provided concerns the car’s odometer reading, registration certificate and driver’s license.

If you are already insured, you will also need the informations report from your current insurer or the latest expiry notice. You must then have information about the vehicle (registration number, type of engine, brand, model, power, etc.) andpersonal informations (age, license category, history of claims and offences, etc.).

After gathering all this data, it suffices to fill in the boxes of the simulator to get your personalized quote. You can run multiple simulations to compare and find the best deal.

Nevertheless, the cheapest insurance is not always the best. Following a simulation, here are the points on which you must to remain vigilant : guarantees, exclusions, deductibles and reimbursement ceilings. By taking these elements into account, you will find the ideal insurance for you and your car.

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