How to finally find cheaper car insurance?

Enquête - Comment trouver enfin une assurance auto moins chère?

Insurance represents an important part of the motorist’s budget, and the amount of contributions is almost always increasing from one year to the next.

Thus, according to the latest budget study carried out by the Automobile Club Association, the share of insurance represents between 10 and 13% of the motorist’s budget, with an average premium amounting to 508 € for all-damage coverage (figure from the French Insurance Federation).

Added to this are the financing, maintenance, fuel budgets (especially at the moment, with a liter billed at around €2), and tolls, to make up a bill whose sum is difficult for many of us to bear.

However, it is possible to limit the breakage by being vigilant. Indeed, as the years go by and with the help of laziness, we often tend to “fall asleep” on our contract and let the amount of annual contributions increase even though we have no claim to declare. Clearly, the companies take advantage of our passivity to load the boat, in an imperceptible way… but very tangible.

The author of these lines himself experienced this a few months ago, when he noticed that his own company, of which he had been a customer for ten years, was offering him a lower rate of 52% (!) with iso-guarantees when he presented himself as a potential new customer.

Customer service, immediately seized of the case, hastened to correct the situation when it was presented with the estimate obtained: less than half an hour devoted to the case, and €327 saved over the year! Try it, you will see…

Under the Hamon law, you can in fact terminate your contract with more flexibility than before either on the first expiry date of the contract, or on the occasion of a change of situation (moving house, etc.), or whenever at the end of the first year of contract, by ordinary mail and without the need to justify anything. The law is on the side of the consumer, which forces insurers to be more conciliatory.

Roll (well) covered

It is in this context that Caradisiac, associated with the price comparator lesfurets, is setting up a major auto insurance barometer, the information of which will be updated quarterly.

Together, we have established a series of standard profiles that allow us to reach as wide a net as possible and provide an overview of the current auto insurance market. The rates obtained are based on offers from a panel that includes some thirty companies. For some of these profiles, we have also compared prices between thermal, hybrid and electric models.

Our purpose: to give you an idea of ​​the rates to which you can claim during your own prospecting, and to help you orient yourself towards the most relevant choice possible.

Because let’s not forget, insurers (this is less true for mutuals) also respond to a market logic, and can choose to favor this or that type of client. Insurance is also a matter of marketing.

It’s up to you to know how to make the most of it, keeping in mind a few golden rules during your prospecting:

– NEVER lie to an insurer about your past, because false declarations would inevitably turn against you (reduced compensation, even refusal of compensation and/or termination).

– Do not hesitate, when possible, to “armor” the individual driver/passenger protection generally offered as an option. In the event of a glitch, this allows for much better compensation.

– As explained above, be sure to interview the different companies (starting with yours, but anonymously) every three to five years, so as to regularly bring everyone back into competition. There are substantial potential savings to be made.

– When you compare offers, do so with comparable warranties. Don’t focus on price alone. A low annual premium may be accompanied by very high deductibles and/or weak guarantees. These guarantees must also be better known to subscribers. For example, if your car is damaged or stolen in the street while your guarantee stipulates that it must be parked in a garage, you risk a refusal of reimbursement, or a reduction in it.

Still, the search for the lowest prices is not everything. Keep in mind that insurance is always too expensive, until the day when you really need it.

The influence of the Bonus-Malus on the insurance premium:

Comparison, for the same profile, of the amount of the insurance premium:


Theft & Fire

All risks

With a bonus close to the maximum

(0.54 or 46% bonus)

248€ / year

327€ / year

412€ / year

No bonuses or penalties

(1 is neither bonus nor malus)

449€ / year

736€ / year

1185€ / year

With a maximum penalty

(3.50 or 250% penalty)

1626€ / year

2403€ / year

3457€ / year

*These rates are the average of the 3 best rates offered on the website as of March 11, 2022

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