How to get a car insurance quote quickly?

Car insurance quote: what is it?

Auto insurance covers all damage and damage that a car is likely to cause. Depending on the terms of the contract, it can cover the bodily injury of the driver and that of other road users or material damage to the automobile.

If you want to find THE vehicle offering the best protection, compare car insurance and make sure your vehicle is optimally covered.

The car insurance quote is one of the elements to pay attention to when comparing. It is in the form of a document which gives information on the type of insurance, the cost of the deductibles, the insurance premium, the guarantees, the additional options, …

The benefits of auto insurance quotes

It is almost systematic to ask for a car insurance quote before signing a contract. This will not only allow you to compare the different offers offered by organizations, but also to know what you really need. By competing, it is certain that you will find the formula that suits your budget.

How to quickly get a car insurance quote?

In the digital age, the online insurance comparator is the ideal solution to quickly obtain a quote adapted to your profile. To find a tailor-made contract, you will need to be in possession of certain essential information:

  • the model and make of the car;
  • the car registration document or license plate number of the vehicle;
  • the type of fuel;
  • the distance traveled in km;
  • parking places;
  • the use of the vehicle;
  • the information statement.

Make sure that the information provided is correct. If you have the slightest doubt, report it to your insurer.

Keep in mind that all the elements mentioned above impact the insurance premium.

The average prices of auto insurance quotes?

Car insurance quote prices generally vary by type of insurance, age, and region.

Depending on the type of insurance:

  • comprehensive insurance: 61.08 euros per month and 733 euros per year;
  • intermediate insurance: 50 euros per month and 600 euros per year;
  • third-party insurance: 43.97 euros per month and 527 euros per year.

By age:

  • under 25: 80.91 euros per month and 971 euros per year;
  • between 25 and 34 years old: 54.08 euros per month and 649 euros per year;
  • between 35 and 44 years old: 43.95 euros per month and 527.50 euros per year;
  • between 45 and 54 years old: 39.33 euros per month and 472 euros per year;
  • over 55: 35.58 euros per month and 427 euros per year.

The quote is essential because it provides an estimate of the auto insurance rate. It is free, simple and practical, and allows you to compare the formulas of different companies. As long as you have all the necessary elements in your possession, you will get it quickly.