how to get compensation for damage to your home or car

Une voiture endommagée par la grêle en Dordogne

Violent hailstorms hit the Southwest overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Many roofs were affected. Decommissioned cars. Flooded houses. How to get compensated? What are the right reflexes to adopt? France Bleu takes stock.

Take photos

First, take lots of pictures. And contact your insurance. You have five days to report the damage to your insurer by post, email or telephone. You will then need to provide evidence to estimate your losses. So keep all the damaged objects, because they may be examined by the insurer or the expert appointed during the expertise.

On the other hand, if you have a gaping roof, for example, you can take the first steps to protect your property. Try to hire a professional. Then you can make quotes for your car or accommodation.

It is also recommended to provide invoices damaged items to facilitate compensation. An expert will possibly be commissioned to set the amount of reimbursement.

Read your contract carefully

To be reimbursed, everything depends on the contract you have taken out. Generally, damage to your home or building is covered by your multi-risk home contract. On the other hand, it is less obvious for the outbuildings of the house (outdoor garage, garden sheds, swimming pool or fence). They are generally insured only if they are mentioned in the contract.

What warranty for the car?

If you are insured against third parties, you will not be compensated in case of damage to your car. On the other hand, you will be reimbursed if you have opted for the all-risk formula. In this case, your car insurance includes a guarantee “force of nature“. Support will also be total if the state of natural disaster is decreed in your municipality.

What about the state of natural disaster?

The mayors of the municipalities affected by the natural disaster ask the prefecture that their municipalities be covered by the natural disaster decree.

You must therefore, as said previously, make a claim to your insurer as soon as possible and send a copy to the town hall. This will allow the mayor of your municipality to ask the prefecture for classification as a natural disaster area.

The state of natural disaster is then established by decree and takes effect when it is published in the Official Journal.

The state of natural disaster does not exclude a deductible. For personal property, the deductibles are as follows:

  • €380 for homes or any other property for non-professional use
  • €1,520 if the damage is attributable to a landslide following drought or rehydration of the soil

Advice from an expert

NB: video shot at the beginning of June.

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