how to properly adjust the air conditioning

With these high temperatures, the passenger compartment of cars rises to very high temperatures! With the air conditioning, it is fortunately possible to refresh the cabin. But not all practices are recommended, here are the tips for properly adjusting the air conditioning, in order to cool your car without getting sick.

Choose your parking space to avoid overheating

During a heat wave, try to find a place in the shade or in a covered car park to avoid overheating your cabin.

When you go to get in the car and start, do not leave the windows closed. The best method is indeed to roll down the windows completely, and to drive in such a way as to create a current of air which expels the air from the car. The air inside the car is indeed warmer than the air outside.

You can then start the air conditioning and roll up the windows. With this technique, you won’t have to turn on the air conditioning so loudly, and the temperature will drop much faster.

Avoid setting your air conditioning to the maximum

It’s tempting to turn on the air conditioning to switch from oven mode to refrigerator mode. But if in winter you travel with a coat or a jacket, remember that you are wearing summer clothes. It is therefore necessary to raise the slider, and no longer put 18 to 20° in automatic air conditioning adjustment, but rather 22° at least.

As it is recommended to reduce the temperature difference with the outside, it is better to go back up when it is 33° outside. The difference must not exceed 6°. If it is 33° outside, the air conditioning should be set to 27°!

The larger the gap, the more likely you are to have a crack in your windshield in the event of an impact.

How to properly adjust the ventilation nozzles

Avoid getting cold air directly on your face or you will get sick. If the cool air is directed towards the windows exposed to the sun, the cooling will be slowed down by the effect of the heat. It is therefore preferable to adjust the nozzles so that the airflow is directed upwards and downwards.

If the air conditioning no longer produces cold

The air conditioning system can be serviced every year or two, to check the gas level and also check for leaks. In the total absence of cold, it will certainly be necessary to recharge the air conditioning of your car. But it is not uncommon for an additional repair to be carried out in the event of a leak, or also for the compressor to fail.

To be sure, you can request a diagnosis of your air conditioning, in order to know the exact cost of maintenance operations and/or possible repairs.

A refill of air conditioning costs on average 60 euros, if no problem is associated. On the other hand, a compressor failure can cost several hundred euros, with an average of 400 euros.

Maintenance improves the air quality of your car, with a cabin filter replacement. Depending on the car, this filter can also be changed yourself at very low cost.

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