How to save on your car budget in 2022?

2022 is fast approaching. As with every new year, all wishes are allowed. But one item of expenditure is likely to remain decisive for many households: the car budget, which remains on average the second most important, just after housing. Fortunately, some tips and reforms will save money. Conversely, several devices may well increase the bill next year.

Auto budget 2022: reasons for concern

The price of tolls

The price of motorway tolls should increase by 2% on average on February 1, 2022after an increase of 0.44% at the start of 2021. In retail, the prices of the ASF network should increase by 2.19%, while those of the APRR network are announced to be up by 2.05%.

The association 40 million motorists has already denounced a “unacceptable increase” who would be “strongest since 2012”. These new tariffs still have to be approved by the public authorities, but with the ongoing inflation of prices on many products, those for tolls should logically follow.

The price of fuel

Consumer price inflation is well established and seems here to stay. Last month, over a year, prices climbed 2.8% according to INSEE, after +2.6% in October. According to the institute, this general increase is primarily the result of “the acceleration in the prices of energy, manufactured goods and – to a lesser extent – ​​services”.

At the forefront of the increases, we find the one that prevails at the gas pump. After the records recorded at the start of the school year (and in particular the SP 98 which had crossed the 2 euro per liter mark), fuel remains expensive in December, with an average price per liter of diesel around 1.56 euro, and from SP 95 to more than 1.60 euro.

New speed cameras

The public authorities plan to deploy a new armada of radars in 2022. In all, 4,700 pieces of equipment will be operational by the end of next year. Turret radars, traditional fixed radars, discriminating radars… the details of the deployment are available in our dedicated article.

It should be remembered that unmarked radar cars, which were only present in certain departments, will now be present throughout the territory. Bridge radars may also be tested.

The ecological penalty is getting tougher

Like every year, the ecological malus grid is getting tougher, and the weight tax is added to it. From January 1, 2022:

  • The ecological penalty is triggered from 128g of CO2/km (133g in 2021)
  • The super malus goes from 30,000 euros to €40,000 (from 223 g CO2/km)
  • Each kilogram above 1.8 tons will be taxed 10 euros (electric cars and plug-in hybrids, as well as certain family vehicles are exempt).


How to save on your car budget in 2022?

Auto insurance rates are expected to stabilize

According to our annual forecast, auto insurance rates should stabilize in 2022 (+0.2%). This stagnation is the price of a further decline in claims in 2021, and increased competition between insurers since the promulgation of the Hamon law.

However, in car insurance, the best rates are most often reserved for new customers. To check that you will benefit from the stagnation of premiums, it is advisable to go through a comparator to see if you could not pay for the same guarantees less expensive.

On the insurance side, you can also benefit from a more advantageous rate if you can pay your insurance annually. Combine your other contracts (home, borrower, motorcycle, etc.) with the same insurer also allows you to negotiate a better price. Finally, you can also take advantage of an offer on car insurance or turn, at your choice, to a digital insurer or insurance per kilometer so you only pay when you ride!

Lower prices expected at the garage

It was an expected reform and which has every chance, too, of participating in the stabilization of car insurance prices: the end of the manufacturers’ monopoly on spare parts. The liberalization of the visible parts market (mirrors, bodywork, etc.) from January should reduce the bill at the garage, which has so far continued to climb. So don’t hesitate to ask for spare parts!

To save even more on the labor and maintenance of your vehicle, we also advise you to use comparators. The sites vroomly and idgarages analyze the quotes of several mechanics identified around your home to present you with the best options.

For the technical control, it is to the sites cteasy, Ct-malignant or Simplauto that you will have to turn again in 2022.

How to save on fuel?

To reduce the impact of inflation at the gas pump, keep in mind these fuel-saving tips: do not overspeed, avoid using the air conditioning, reduce your speed, check the pressure tires, etc.

But there are also websites and applications that offer you the possibility of finding the cheapest gasoline around your home: Gas Buddy, fuel flash, Essence&Co, Zagaz or Cheaper fuel. The website also allows you to compare the prices displayed at service stations around your home.

Save up to 40% on your car insurance

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