Insurance: do you need one for your car if you don’t use it?

Even if you never drive it, you must insure your car. (©Jakub Krechowicz –

It may happen that you no longer have the use of your car for a long time. This one no longer rolling, you might be tempted to cancel your car insurance to save money.

Yet know it, insurance is compulsory for any vehicle. And this, whatever its condition, if it breaks down and can no longer drive, even for an indefinite period.

This requirement also applies regardless of parking locationon public property, in a car park for example, or on private property in a garage.

All vehicles must be insured at all times

A vehicle must be constantly insured because it presents a danger: it stores energy which can start a fire and thus damage a home, other vehicles nearby, or even injure people. The brakes can also fail and hit someone or something.

Auto insurance covers its owner who will not have to compensate any victims of such claims for many years. This rule is valid during periods of immobilization including forced such as confinements imposed by the government. You do not have the right to cancel your car insurance only because you leave your car parked without using it.

The exception that confirms the rule

There is however only one exception which allows you to no longer insure your vehicle. This is a very special situation and well regulated according to three conditions. Your vehicle must be transformed into an inert object and no longer be a threat to third parties. Thus, he must:

  1. Running out of battery.
  2. No longer have a fuel tank or the tank must be empty.
  3. The wheels should not touch the ground. The vehicle must therefore be on jack stands or on a hydraulic bridge.
insurance certificate - green sticker
insurance certificate – green sticker (©Onidji –

What insurance for an immobilized vehicle?

Civil liability may be a minimum cover to guarantee you the coverage of damage caused to third parties by an immobilized vehicle. Please note that the vehicle and the driver are excluded from this minimum guarantee. However, it may be sufficient since it is a question of covering an unused vehicle.

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In addition, if you keep your car insurance, consider removing your additional guarantees such as collision damage cover. This will allow you to reduce the cost of your insurance.

Third-party insurance will suffice to cover any damage caused to others. The best thing is still to find out and discuss it with your insurer.

To conclude, regardless of the reasons that lead to the immobilization of your vehicle, you must ensure that you have car insurance.

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